Our government views the ideals of Christ the pauper, Christ the social activist, and Christ the revolutionary as recipes for subverting the state. The right-wing fundamentalists are determined to use the state to repress dissenting voices who don’t share the fundamentalists’ vision of Christ. It is the fundamentalists and George W. Bush’s government that have acted unilaterally to kill the Kyoto Accords. They have attacked both international environmental law and national environmental policies.

The madness of George’s foreign policy is overshadowed by the environmental consequences that we are all going to face in the coming years. Global warming is accelerating, with a projected increase of ten degrees Fahrenheit in the next twenty years. The polar ice caps are melting, weather patterns are becoming erratic, and the depletion of the ozone layer is increasing. The rate of species going extinct is accelerating. One of the endangered species is our closest living cousin, the chimpanzee. We in the United States are living the ideals of Christ the consumer. As a result, we are crucifying the planet. The holiday season is upon us, with all of the joys of endless consumption, fake Santas, horrid Christmas music, and greed. We are all players in a modern-day version of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” We have Mr. Potter as President. He and his cronies are determined to turn our sad world into their own private Potterville, all in the name of their little plastic dashboard Jesuses. Is it any wonder that the world is a mess?