People marched to the central location of Madison Ave. and 24th Street where a small stage for speakers was assembled. Among the speakers were Dennis Kucinich, and Amy Goodman. There were loud speakers set up the 40 block length of the march but often the music and drumming of the crowd drowned out the voices. Estimates on the size of the crowd were 125,000 through 200,000.

The most advantageous thing of our movement is that the people have abounding creativity. In a struggle against a systematic world the people will always overcome because the entropy of out creative power has the ability to seep into every crack of their system.

There was a large police presence in NYC but i saw not one person get arrested or harrassed. Seeing as Miami FTAA was the last protest i had attended it was quite a relief. One helicopter compared to 5, no riotgear, tear gas, or rubber bullets really helps your stress level out.

The walls are coming down. Once in a while you can even see it happen. This is an amazingly empowering and essential thing for my life and work.

Cheers to everyone who attended, NYC and Buffalo! Watching a movement being built is an wonderful thing.

Two buses departed from Buffalo, Friday the 19th on the way to NYC for the March 20th anniversary of the war and occupation of Iraq. Upon arriving in the city we were dumped off into a river of protesters, activists from all over the Northeast come together to send one powerful message, that we STILL say no to war and occupation. Not only to show support for the citizens of Iraq, but Palestine, Venezuela, and Haiti.