How did you like President Bush coming to Buffalo and being snubbed by Mayor Masiello? Personally I didn’t see anything wrong with “Too Tall Tony” skipping the dog and pony show. Lots of us really enjoyed watching all the puppets sitting on the bar stools surrounding Yale University’s most famous hillbilly. The great occasion could have been a lot better if Control Board Bob Wilmers had served up some of his famous estate bottled wine. Bob looked at the bottom line though and decided it might not be a good investment what with “Dubyah” running for re-election in November. The chief from Amherst really looked impressive in his uniform and it was really cute the way he kept saluting the commander-in-chief. Mike Battle our famous US Attorney General read the cue cards as he had been instructed and caused no waves. Is he related to Condi?

Speaking of being snubbed, how about those Seneca Indians confusing the issue and saying “White man speak with forked tongue,” and then negotiating with Cheektowaga to build a casino on a toxic dump. Either way it wouldn’t be on the tax rolls of either the city or the town so what’s the big deal? Gambling, if it paid the bills would be great and apparently it doesn’t. Just think of the gamble the taxpayers in Buffalo took and all they have to show for their money is a control board that now doles out a miserly allowance that makes the pols believe they’re important.

Remind me to ask Fred Wolfe, Erie County Attorney, if a county executive can open a new or used furniture store specializing in office furniture or would it be better if he were a comptroller. I was going to ask District Attorney Frank Clark but he is apparently very busy pursuing Richard “Cat Shit” Kern so that his office can make Kern disappear into a top hat. By the way Frank how is the investigation going into the forgery problem with that Buffalo City Court Judge. I mean the one that recused herself on that false arrest by the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority. Semper fi Frank, semper fi and did Skretny really grab you and tell you that you’re losing your magical powers. Good golly gee willikers folks I’m just funning cause we certainly do know that good By Flora Nerk

Lordy lord, after almost 12 years Jack Quinn refuses to run again for his congressional seat and Lenny Lenihan had to lock the doors at Dem headquarters so he didn’t get any more applicants to run for Jack’s chair. Bob Davis and Tom Reynolds put their heads together and had a better spin than an exorcist when they proclaimed “what us worry when we got a good solid Republican district and plenty of candidates.” They may have something though when you consider how many Dems have morphed into conservative Publicans in Erie County

Just amazing how many people get interested in running for office when good paying jobs are as scarce as the proverbial ‘hens teeth. Course we aren’t as lucky as some other locales, we seldom get a good solid Republican millionaire that aspires to the lofty spires of federal legislative office; but we got more lawyers, both Publicans and Dems, volunteering for the rigorous duties of judicial office. Why I even heard a bunch of lawyers talking about judgeships and one guy said that the best way to become a judge was to fetch a pair of kneepads and a gallon of mouth wash. Still haven’t figured what the kneepads are for, but then I don’t know how many are into prayer.