The question looming large points directly to the inescapable fact that we have achieved a position in time where we as a species threaten not only our own existence but all of life as we have come to know it. The evidence of climate change is now readily observable to the naked eye and all the future plans “of mice and men” will be dictated by a power far greater than all the men and women that unlocked the secrets of the atom.

Daily floods of biblical proportions, droughts, plagues and insect infestation along with hellfire and brimstone are captured on film and transmitted in micro seconds as we stand transfixed at the horror of swollen bodies and destroyed dreams. Our attention spans are not much greater than the micro-seconds that brought these images of human suffering and death replaced instantly as our TV clicks to another mindless channel. We grab the keys to our shiny SUV’s and hit the road in a great hurry to grab all of the latest low carb goodies being touted as necessary for a long happy life. Forgotten are the images of millions of starving humans throughout the world and the choking emissions being pumped from our exhaust systems as we unload tons of carbon into an already overloaded atmosphere.

Escaping our very own culpabilities we assess blame to varied agencies and peoples. Government leaders and our ubiquitous media lend substance to mediocrity and promote a mental paucity bereft of rational thought. We hurtle through our existence as if caught on a giant loop ride and we view reality as a theme park akin to Disney World. Gone are the poets, replaced by the vulgarity of Jerry Springer and the value free world of American Idol.

“We have met the enemy and he is us,” said Pogo in that long lost comic strip; but this truth proclaimed by Pogo still haunts the memories of many undead thinkers that appear as nothing more than “voices crying from the wilderness.” Each and every day they become fainter and harder to hear as they are drowned out by the innocuous cacophony of whining narcissism. “Man made climate change isn’t as percussive as nuclear war… yet without international action—a Manhattan Project to develop low impact energy technologies and a revolutionary commitment to global equity—it too promises social and economic collapse. … We are well past the threshold of inevitable change (man made) and on the cusp of climate destabilization.” Verlyn Klinkenborg-The New York Times Book Review - May 30, 2004 edition.

The orange flag is flying. Unlike Ashcroft and Ridge and their Department of Homeland Security the evidence presented to the American public by our most eminent scientists can be directly viewed and felt by Americans from sea to shinning sea.

“To most scientists, global warming is a truly successful hypothesis. The evidence overwhelmingly shows, as predicted, that human behavior is altering the climate, with potentially catastrophic results.” Should we continue to act as “suicide bombers” blithely wandering down the road to our own destruction; or should we pause and change course to provide a viable future for what we hope are many more generations of our children? By Bill Logal

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils. Hector Berlioz

We are told that hindsight produces 20/20 vision and that the Monday morning quarterback always produces winning games; comforting thoughts in a world that bears witness to human folly and has created problems that rival mathematical progressions. The prophets have vanished into history and the book bearing their combined wisdom collects dust while the papyrus crumbles as noxious air nibbles the pages and renders it into the detritus that stocks the dustbin of history.