At 4:00 AM on Saturday morning I called 911 to report a very loud and violent domestic argument between 5 individuals occurring on Grant Street near Delevan. I waited about 10 minutes before making the call, hoping they would just decide to move inside or quiet down, neither of which occurred. During this argument I heard several threats of stabbing, shooting, and even killing each other which I relayed to the 911 operator. The 911 operator indicated that they had already received several other calls about it and were "on there way". The argument continued until 4:45 AM when one of the groups drove away. No police officer ever arrived.

When the city of Buffalo announced that they were changing to 1 Officer patrol cars, they gave better response time and visibility as one of the major advantages. How can there be any justification for taking more than 1 hour to respond to a call, or never responding at all, when there are threats of physical violence. Why are there so many murders, shooting and stabbings in the city? When people are given that long for tempers to escalate and opportunity to obtain a weapon, how could it not happen! Where could all of the police officers possibly have been for that long that no one could respond and calm this situation?

We got lucky this time that cooler heads prevailed and this group of individuals separated before violence did occur. This could have been a lot worse. Response time to any 911 call of threats and violence needs to be minutes not hours. It should not matter where the call is coming from, who makes the call, or who may be involved. There is no time to wait for several other police cars to be available or in the area. The only way to stop violence is to respond quickly before it gets out of control.

Mr. Bailey
The Buffalo Police Department keeps saying the same thing over and over again. At every stabbing, shooting, mugging, etc. that makes the news, they say they need people to get involved. "Keep your eyes and ears open and report trouble when it starts." Well, what good is reporting trouble when they do not respond.