While the paranoid, delusional Christian right is doubtless applauding its minions’ efforts, organizations and individuals on the left like Move On and Michael Moore are pacifying their base with words of conciliation and sympathy, relentlessly remarking what a remarkable effort they made (Moore lists 17 reasons not to slit your wrists on his website). The fact that everything from the Redskins’ loss to the Red Sox’ win in sports forecasting analogies, and the overwhelming numbers of world leaders and citizens hoping for a Democratic victory had little or no effect on the outcome does not change the fact that America and the world are faced with four more years of unprecedented deficits and illegal wars, lost rights and opportunities, lies and deceitful corporate cronyism at the hands of the neo-cons pulling puppet Bush’s strings, or that America deserves everything that happens to it because of it. Even the 49 % of us who know better, but couldn’t stop it anyway are going to pay the price for the ignorance, superstition and government promoted paranoia of the other half. So much for the separation of church and state in American politics.

On the upside, the youth vote, which turned out in unprecedented numbers this year, was largely (55-45%) in favor of anyone but Bush, and even here in pre-civil war time-warped Virginia, that the city of Richmond came down on the right (left) side of the ballot demonstrates hope.

On the other side, the Democratic party, while fiscally solvent for the first time in decades and pulling it’s best numbers ever, is as dead as the squirrel carcass laying in the street in front of your house. The party died in 2000 when it bent over for Bush I’s Supreme Court coup, and hasn’t shown a pulse since. Ralph Nader was right. A third party needs to gather the disappointed and disenfranchised Dems and make a new choice (not the Republican-lite the Democrats have devolved into) that actually provides an option to the conservative, religious right, pro-corporate-profit clones that comprise the parties of the only two levers presently pullable.

Whatever happens, the important thing is that we keep this pre-election's political public discourse open and active so that mistakes like this can be corrected BEFORE they happen next time.

alexander graham

Now that it’s over and America is as divided as ever between the reds and the blues (or is it the blues and the greys?), a little post-mortem, er, election review should be attended to before the overwhelming apathy of the average American sets in, and this election’s lessons go unlearned.