I'll tell you these helpful hints as well.....You do not have to wear the shortest skirt. You do not have to wear those bra inserts for the appearance of overflowing cleavage...you do not have to look thaaaat good! Why consider those diet pills? Why consider that surgery? Do you know, "Why?" I'll tell you, "Why!" Because for every dollar you spend on taking care of your body and to make your image more appealing, there is a group of women, "also known as, 'hens' " whispering behind your back, spreading gossip and rumors about you, ruining your self esteem AND your image...the one you just spent 5k on, shopping, spa-ing, and salon-ing.......by the way.
"Look at that tramp, that sllllutt".."I betcha she's a prostitute" or "Home-wrecker!" or "She wants to, 'do' my husband!" or "she doesn't look thaaaaat great, she should lose twenty pounds!" or "Let's not talk to her because I bet she's stupid and she'll just want to flirt with your husband!" or "Look at her having a great time, laughing!, How dare she!" And on and on and on and on, again. Which inevitably ruins your game in picking up the cute single guy in the corner, unfortunately!
I think the word "home-wrecker" or "whore" was given to slighly better than average single women by not so appealing, flat-chested, skinny/unkept married women for the sake of shaming them into depression,.... a/k/a "hiding", so that their husbands would not find them! ...
"Them" being those single women that married women are so jealous of, who are for the most part, minding their own business, not even paying any attention to that fat, balding, beaten into submission, married guy! Or what if she was? Eye batting requires no physical contact what so ever. However, most single women don't actually go through with the act per say, they are just being their charming selves, wanting the attention that most anybody feels they deserve and quite frankly anyhow,........do not like leftovers.

Or perhaps this scenario has occurred?: "The single woman who tried to make conversation with married women, but was shunned by the married women as was intended that eventually the single woman would get bored and walk away, but instead now, is talking to your husband because he is so much more polite and friendly."

Hmmm....And here's one for all you married ladies out there who are so quick to point that high-maintenance, judgmental finger....."Remember.....You did and most likely, NOW do it too!"...flirt, that is.
Or perhaps this advice as well?...."The reason why most single women are still single is because we know that our pride and happiness isn't worth throwing away, on the hope of a counterpart who will support us with their children and pamper our every need, while we don't work AND he has to be a completely faithful lover on top of it all...that is probably at this moment, a 1000-to-shot!" In other words, "we did the math."
Ahh..Spring! The time of year when a young man's fancy turns to loooovvve. But, if only I was a size 6...hmmmm?...... or had bigger breasts?........and smaller theighs!......or perhaps a smaller can! "Oh My God!...I must get to a gym!"....(or)...."I really have to start eating LETTUCE!" (or) ...."Where's the Plastic Surgeon???" Ladies?.....If these are the thoughts you are having at the moment or have ever had in the past, listen up! "For the love of God, please consider your actions verrrry carefully."