Under the title of: BUSH APPROVAL RATING AT NEW LOW we learn that the latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows President Bush's job-approval ratings currently sit at 45 per cent only three months after being re-elected. What kind of politically illiterate morons are you people? You've just spent MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to put an administration back in office that is costing you a BILLION DOLLARS A WEEK in only one of the several military manuevers it's undertaken in your name and with your tax dollars around the world, is rescinding your Constitutional rights right and left, desecrating your environment and making you enemies you didn't have on a daily basis, and even as you admit you're unhappy with it already you still sit on your asses and devour every line pf print about Brad Pitt or Terry Schiavo or any one of a hundred other celebrity distractions the mainstream press parades in front of you.

I am ashamed to know that I will be associated in the history books with the likes of you irresponsible and self-indulgent sacks of human excrement. But this is all I can do about it right now. It's all any of us in the Alternative and Independent Press can do: make perfectly clear just what kind of stain you're leaving as your legacy for future historians to shake their heads at.

In the current socio-political climate THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE THAT WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH about your governments, your media, and your selves. Is it any wonder our circulation is so disparate from the mainstream disinformation dissembling network and print media? Is it any wonder we scrape by from issue to issue while the News upgrades presses and paychecks for their staff? Apparently Jack was right.
Even when the mainstream pro-government microphones can't hide it, they cover up quickly and move on. For example:
Last month reports surfaced that the Bush administration has been secretly paying to have its agenda promoted by a respected right-wing journalist. Armstrong Williams, a conservative columnist was paid $240,000.00 to promote the No Child Left Behind Act. His company, the Graham Williams Group was contracted to produce radio and TV spots featuring Education Secretary Ron Paige, and to allow Paige and other Education Department officials to appear on air as guests. Williams was also required to use his influence with his fellow black journalists and producers to involve them in discussions about the No Child Left Behind Act, a controversial piece of legislation designed to raise levels of achievement for poor and minority students and punish schools that fail to meet those standards. No mention is ever made that the program has not been fully funded-only positive messages were elicited.

The Education Department initially defended its actions as a legal use of taxpayer funds. The House Education Committee disagreed and the Chairman, John Boehner (R-Ohio) agreed to request an investigation by the Inspector General. The Department is also under review by the GAO for financing a study on how journalists are reporting on the law.

This is not the first time that the Bush Administration has been accused of using illegal tactics to promote its agenda. The General Accountability Office chastised
the Department of Health and Human Services for using fake video news releases to promote the new Medicare prescription drug plan and the Office of National Drug Control Policy for using the same tactics with a contractor portraying a journalist and recommending that news shows use their intro. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a video on the flu vaccine that has the appearance of a “real” news story. The Census Bureau also got into the act with videos that also falsely present a contractor posing as a journalist.

The White House, when confronted with the Williams story, was its usual contrite self. Bush lap-dog (a/k/a White House Press Secretary) Scott McClellan claimed that there were no other contracts like Williams’ and that Williams was equally culpable: “There are also questions about whether or not this commentator should have been disclosing the information publicly.” So, it was ok to pay him to promote the Bush propaganda, but not ok for him to tell anyone, is that it?

Williams, who claimed to have agonized over the decision to accept the contract has issued an apology. Upon exposure he has since been dropped by Tribune Media Services which ran his weekly syndicated column, citing an obvious conflict of interest.

Journalism has taken a tumble from the lofty heights that it used to occupy. Where once we trusted the media to give us the unvarnished truth, now it is the truth as they are paid to portray it. We are inundated with talk show pundits and commentators who have no standard for accountability or even truthfulness, and we do nothing, just tune in to whoever favors our personal philosophy most. We deserve to be lied to.

alexander graham
Amidst the current media obsessiveness with Terry Schiavo's quite ordinary death, one has to wonder, while we're murdering thousands of Arabs, Asians, and Africans around the world in far more grisly and painful fashions, why?

Why should an interfamily dispute-not remotely reaching the Hatfields and McCoys (or any other legendary family feud) levels become a topic of national media-driven concern? This page eight sidebar from the daily mainstream propagandist press might hold a clue.