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The second thing that comes to mind about our southern cousins is their deeply held religious views on sin and salvation. Believe me, if there is one thing a man of the south recognizes it is sin and all one has to do is drive through enough of Dixie and count the crosses erected on every hill and mountaintop to realize how deeply held are the religious values gleaned from the Good Book. Why people have told me that when the folks were lynching and executing both the innocent and the guilty that they stood and sung church hymns and even prayed for the soon to be departed. Now surely that is the Christian thing to do.

Well what is a good Evangelical Christian to do when faced with the heathen act of Democrats willing to use the political weapon of a filibuster to thwart the people of God from imposing God fearing judges on the vacant benches of our federal judiciary? Senator Frist and his mirror image, Congressman Delay, know what to do and have joined forces with a group of Christian conservatives, possibly of fundamentalist views, for a fun filled televised Sunday service on April 24th. Joining them will be the ex-convict Charles Colson, of Watergate fame, and now a born again who found Jesus when the door clanked shut on his prison cell.

The big tent revival will be held in Kentucky and broadcast both on the internet and television and it is billed as “Justice Sunday,” and coincidental to the date is that it is also the Jewish Holy Day of Passover. In the true spirit of ecumenism they invited Elmer Gantry, Billie Sunday and Sweet Daddy Grace to lead the choir in a rousing choral work filled with Alleluia’s, Amens and Here Comes da Christian Judge. The congregation will be expected to open themselves to the spirit and talk in tongues and volunteer to whip themselves into a frenzy of political activism where they will pour from their churches and spread the doctrine of acquiescence as promulgated by the charlatans of the religious right.

The Republican attack on the judiciary should cause great concern to the average citizen in our country for it is a frontal assault on the third branch of government and comes from both the executive and the legislative branches. Stalin asked “How many divisions does the Pope have?” And I think a fair question to be asked in our United States would be “How many divisions do the judges have?”

As Americans guided by our constitution and our laws should we surrender our freedoms to a bunch of yahoos covering themselves with a veil of religious righteousness to dictate our political beliefs based on their own interpretations of the will of the Almighty? I have no problem with people that talk to God, but I am terribly suspicious of people that proclaim that God has talked to them.

President George W. Bush in concert with a Republican led Congress has failed the American people by mouthing his pious platitudes and encouraging the use of religion to implement his political visions of the world according to “Dubyah.” If we allow this ill use of religion to crush an independent judicial system and replace justice with religious courts and appoint judges who converse with God for just decisions we will have failed as a democracy and a people dedicated to freedom and justice. by Flora Nerk

Talk about southern cornpone and the first things that come to mind are Bill Frist, hog jowls and Tom Delay. Frist, of course is the United States Senator from Tennessee and also the Republican Majority Leader in the senate. He occasionally masquerades as a doctor when he is not delivering sermons and slaying evil Democrats. Tom Delay is the crook that rose to power from the Republic of Texas and is currently the Republican House Majority Leader and exterminator of all things that smack of democracy or justice.