So the world isn’t perfect and we all don’t live in Lake Woe Be Gone, but golly gee would you expect anything different if you ruled the world. I don’t think so and would you do anything different than say Joel Giambra? What’s wrong with giving the downtrodden family members a decent job or taking care of your close business friends that need a helping hand and a big dollop of money to help them succeed?

I mean what else is government for if the folks in power can’t open the bulging treasuries at the municipal, state and federal levels for a redistribution of the public wealth. Take for instance the collapse of the savings and loan industry or the more recent crumbling of Enron, Global Crossing, World Com, the airlines, pension funds, hedge funds and a host of other entities and let us not forget Haliburton and the whole industrial military complex that receive over half of all tax money collected. Now I ask you are we better off knowing all the details of these human failures?

After pondering and cogitating these questions (cogitating means dreaming) I’ve reached the conclusion that you and me can’t do anything about these issues so why worry about them? After all how many of us really have to worry about paying a death tax on estates over two million dollars and why shouldn’t the super rich get a tax break? They do own the country.

Listening to President Bush made me realize that the Iraqi War shouldn’t pose any problem for the American people in general because we are winning the hearts and minds of people all over the world and especially the Muslims for bringing them democracy. So we lose a few here and there, (hearts and minds) and a few bodies are plastered around the landscape, but after all blood is the fluid that nurtures democracy, and after all is said and done our mission was accomplished in 2003 and our troops are only mopping up small pockets of resistance to our democratic ideals.

Now I just can’t understand what drives some in the media to deny what our President says, accusing him of lying when most of us know that he and his family have taken on the terrible burden of running this great nation and prosecuting this war for peaceful solutions for the best interests of the oil industry and the American people. What would we do if oil was severely restricted? Some might say we could grow more corn and make ethanol and increase dairy production to make more butter for lubrication; but again the media just paints another dire picture instead of looking on the bright side.

Smash your TV, burn your books, unplug your radio, and drop your subscription to your newspaper and learn to ignore the naysayer bringing unwelcome knowledge to your doorstep. Learn that ignorance is bliss and to know nothing is easily achievable. Light up a joint, get drunk, get a tattoo and a few body piercings after all one should follow that great Greek philosopher Epicurus who advised people to eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die. And after all the after life promises perfection and eternal happiness but nowhere is it written that we shouldn’t be as happy as can be while we’re here and that is why I find happiness in ignorance, shouldn’t you? Why is it that when life is going along perfectly well that certain people, especially media types, have to dig in the sewers of life and stir up that terrible smelling sludge and release all these toxins into the atmosphere? What purpose does it serve and do we really have to know how well politicians treat their families and friends and their corporate sponsors?