A lot of people I know are addicted to lighter than air b.s. and others become quite attached to the b.s. with the greater and denser mass than the reality based b.s. that most of us from time to time indulge in for our own peculiar reasons. No matter your preference for ‘bullshit’most of the attention now shines upon the price of oil and its related products such as gasoline which is now over $3.00 dollars a gallon with some forecasting $4.00 by December, just a short 7 months into the future.

Politicians in Washington issued press releases promising Congressional hearings to examine whether there is price gouging by the oil companies. Others blamed Katrina and lack of refinery capacity, while some others blamed China and India for demanding their fair share of world oil and driving the prices up to these astronomical heights. Depending on whose bullshit you listen you’ll be able to find comfort in the group that best espouses your view of the newest media driven crisis.

Should we really care to learn the truth a brief return to history should give most of us a firm grasp on the immensity of the problem that faces us in the form of higher oil prices and increasing demands for energy throughout the world. For those that don’t recall the oil crisis of the 70’s and the warnings that were issued nearly 40 years ago of a peak in Untied States oil production and with that peak the subsequent decline of the availability of energy products able to be produced from our own natural resources our dependence on imported oil should offer proof that a finite resource, oil, is at or near world peak production and the future availability of petroleum is limited.

Some of us accept the bullshit of the technologists when they prophecy that oil won’t be needed in the future as it will be replaced by hydrogen. Nice work if you can get it but the laws of physics seem to crush this dream when one gets to the reality of achieving this technological marvel. Others proclaim the abundance of coal that will or can be used in the production of electricity which will enable us to continue our industrial civilization into the future. Coal has a huge problem however, and it is of course environmental degradation and we may be forced to accept dying by asphyxiation or resorting to more sustainable measures by giving up our dream of continued grandeur and return to a more pastoral existence.

Now if your sick of the b.s. and you want to know what is really going on in the world you’ll have to do a little exploring in the real world of science. It is relatively easy to access most of the questions you have on our continued success in building an economy that will be able to transport our children and grandchildren into the future. The click of the mouse on a variety of sites should be able to assist you in separating the wheat from the chaff or if you prefer the ability to discern the difference between bullshit and substance. By Flora Nerk

Have you ever wondered how many pounds of bullshit it takes to make a ton? Well I have, and especially after listening and reading to all the bullshit that is passed off by our political leaders one must come to the conclusion that political bullshit is much denser than regular old “bullshit,” and as a result its mass is greater so that what appears to weigh one pound in reality weighs more than a ton. Now when you get into bullshit that emanates from those scions of academia i.e. David Horowitz, Alan Dershowitz or god forbid, Charles Krauthammer, there is a loss of mass and their bullshit rises faster than a helium filled balloon.