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by Flora Nerk

          Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end; they were forever and a day.

 Is that all there is?  Is that all there is?  

    Shocked, absolutely shocked I am at the latest price increase in oil and gasoline. Why ten dollars more a barrel is absolutely ridiculous and the cost of a gallon has gone so high I’ll have to get another job just to fill my Hummer let alone top off the tank in my Escalade. Absolutely no excuse why we Americans have to be at the mercy of these oil barons and Arab Sheiks and besides why don’t we just start pumping more oil and drill more wells so the price will be affordable. Do polar bears buy anything and who cares if the Polar Caps are melting when I live quite a distance from the sea and have a thirty-five foot cabin cruiser? Definitely a conspiracy between the big money boys and government types who make a killing by manipulating the markets in oil so that it appears that we are running out of petroleum.

Well I for one will be happy when the big breakthrough comes and you better believe I’ll be among the first to get a hydrogen car and can continue to drive forever and ever on just a liter of water. Don’t fear technology and science have already discovered how to run a car with alternate fuels but the oil companies buy up all the patents and then get their friends in Congress to keep pushing oil for greater profits. Yep! Your right if this doesn’t stop we’ll have an uprising in this country and we’ll throw all the bums out of office and let things go back to the way they were with gasoline at no more than 40  cents a gallon. Mark my words, it’ll be happening soon. Well let’s keep dancing, break out the booze and have a party. Cause that’s all there is my friend, that’s all there is.

            I’m really getting sick and tired of these food prices going up and up and up, do those assholes in Washington think we’re made of money and how do they expect the common average guy or girl to have enough money to party when we’re being taxed to death to pay for that stupid war and educate other peoples kids. I tell you there is a lot wrong with this country especially now that my employer wants me to pay for part of my health insurance. Oh! Probably in the future they’ll expect me to pay the full shot but when that time comes about lots of people will be demanding some kind of universal health care and I’ll be right there shouting with the rest for a full government paid plan. Yea! I suppose there might be a lot of people that don’t have health insurance but that isn’t my fault; all they have to do is get themselves a job. If a man or woman wants to work in this country there is no problem finding a job and where jobs are tight you just have to tighten up immigration and chuck the illegals back to where ever they came from, after all America is for Americans.   

            Another thing that ticks me off is all that crap about the Peace Bridge and those stupid birds, if they want to kill themselves by flying into a bridge let them or maybe we should take the Buffalo News suggestion and start contests to stone them as they fly down the river. We could make the first prize a gold encrusted Tern feather and free delivery of the News for one year. OK!!OK! I’ll get off my soap box cause for now that’s all I have to say. That’s all there is.