Bain Capital had been involved in talks to bail out Conrad Black’s Hollinger Co. after that company became embroiled in a corporate scandal involving a board that basically acted as a rubberstamp committee for Lord Black at the expense of shareholders.
How fitting would it be now for the controversial, radical right winger to become involved in a buyout of the sport that exemplifies Canadian national pride, after renouncing his Canadian citizenship to accept a title of British nobility?
Admittedly this is pure speculation. We don’t know who the mystery financier is and it’s unlikely that it would be Black after the travails of his press empire. On the other hand, Black and his legendary anti-union animus waiting in the wings to “drown the kittens” would be an diabolical twist in what has otherwise proven to be a story of the winter of discontent for hockey fans.
They say there are no second acts in show business, but when it comes to the deal club, revenge is a meal that is best served cold – on ice. NHL Boss Gary Bettman (Unfortunately) got a second chance after leaving the NBA and maybe the pompous and flamboyant Lord Black is pining for the spotlight – a far-fetched and bizarre scenario to be sure, but the idea is certainly strange enough to be true. It's certainly no stranger than the idea of Black’s sidekick, Victor Rice, bringing 50,000 jobs to Western New York after a career that rivaled Chainsaw Al’s. Hey, ya never know.

By Alt Press Staff

Earlier this afternoon it was announced that a consortium led by Bain Capital Partners LLC has offered the National Hockey league three and a half billion dollars for all thirty teams in the league. An article in The New York Times stated that the consortium, “…reportedly told the NHL owners it had arranged for a large Canadian-based financier to join its efforts.” .