Director Gandulf Hennig hails from Cologne, Germany. He has a background in rock music, and while touring with his rock band in the late 80s, encountered the music of Gram Parsons. That music sparked an interest in the singer’s life that eventually led to the creation of the documentary film FALLEN ANGEL. Through the early ‘90s, Hennig worked as freelance writer, consultant, and researcher for a multitude of both fiction and documentary programs for television. In 1997 Henning founded Spothouse, a film production company, and the following year developed the idea for the Parsons documentary. While continuing work on the project, Hennig also returned to his own musical pursuits, recording two albums under the moniker Norrin Radd, Where She Danced (2001) and Monsters And Angels (2002), which were released to great critical acclaim in Germany. Research and filming for FALLEN ANGEL took more than seven years, and principal photography and editing finally got underway in early 2003; a year later the film was completed. Hennig currently has two other film biography projects in development. He splits his time between Berlin and Nashville.