Rock The Casbah

Friday December 19th, 10pm at the Mohawk Place, 47 E. Mohawk, Buffalo marks the 2nd annual edition of Indestructable: A Tribute To Joe Strummer & The Clash. Local bands/musicians including Girlpope, Semi-Tough, John Lombardo , Ron Ehmke, Rebel Waltz Orchestra (a local super group made up of Strummer fanatics) and the return of Buffalo legends The Prisoners (1st gig in over 20 years!) make up the bill for the event with more to be added. In addition, in true Clash form djs Dr. Wisz & Scotty of deja blu and dj Bridgit will spin reggae and dub prior to the show and punk rock in-between band appearances. All proceeds to benefit Strummerville:The Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music which aids youth groups and individuals to fund the purchase of musical instruments, studio and rehearsal time to enable the production of music by creative young people who would otherwise be prevented from making music simply because they lack the necessary funds. If this event is anything like last year's inaugural it will be hopping with high quality cover work by all the artists involved. Cover charge is $5.

DJ Pontification

Brilliant Techno Label : Svek Since the mid 90’s, Swedish label Svek (Swedish for Treachery)has produced some of the most innovative techno house music available. Much like Debussy's Classical Masterpiece La Mer musically reflected the artistry of the impressionist painters of his time (late 1800's), Svek's artists produced club tracks that reflected Sweden's esthetic for minimalism. Think Ikea musically styled. Fine simple designs of very high quality personified musically. Unfortunately the only truly treacherous thing about Svek is finding their releases. Ebay, and are the best sources for hunting Svek down. It's well worth the effort. Electroclash

New York City has not so quietly found its way back onto the musical map. The emergence of The Strokes a couple of years ago made people once again take notice of the Big Apple's music scene. Not since the heyday of the NYC's great CBGB's rock club and bands like the Ramones, Television and the Talking Heads has New York produced such a wealth of innovative music. Now bands like The Rapture, Radio 4 and ! ! ! (pronounced Chk, Chk, Chk) are on the rise with their renewed approach to mixing punk with funk. A sound originally explored by bands like the Clash with releases like the single, this Is Radio Clash and the album, Sandanista. Pegged under the moniker 'Electroclash' these NYC bands are producing tracks, that while driven by guitars, are even more dance orientated than its musical predecessors from the 70s. The last time guitars and dance music merged to great effect was in the Manchester scene of the UK in the late 80s that produced bands like The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays. While the Manchester scene was embraced fanatically in Europe its sound never made it to the forefront stateside. Yet the Electroclash approach stateside of mixing guitars with dance beats should only help to allow rock (aka Punk, aka Funk) reclaim the dancefloor in America from the likes of Brittany Spears and the artist formerly known as Jennifer Lopez.