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DJs About Town

A couple of new residences mark the start of fall. Deep Soul Plug’s Zuk returns to Sundays at the new and improved Rendezvous on Niagara Street to infuse his unique blend of house styles beats. Zuk’s opening night during the Labor Day weekend, from all reports, was just like the old days when Sundays at the "Vous" was one of the hippest nights happening in Buffalo. Email Zuk at djzuk@deepsoulplug for more details.

Also look for Dirwood to start spinning tech house on Fridays at Iberia on Main Street in the Heights during upcoming weeks. This will be a nice addition to the Thursday night Dirwood hosts at the Elmwood Lounge with Jubie.

Word around is that former Baby Steps mainstay, dj Kream is looking to start playing his blend of hip hop, breaks, and down tempo again. He’s currently talking to several establishments. Once he settles on a new home, we’ll let you know.


Release: Pushin’ On Artist: Quantic Soul Orchestra Format: seven inches Label: Tru Thoughts

Dj Shadow and Cut Chemists Brainfreeze release, along with hip dj/producer Peanut Butter Wolf’s Stones Throw label, have done wonders to rekindle interest in the seven-inch single. UK dj/musician follows suit, releasing another in a series of live funk 45s under his live moniker, Quantic Soul Orchestra. Pushin’ On is a raw, lo-fi, guitar-driven funkster with soulful vocals added by Quantic collaborator, Alice Russell. B-Side is an instrumental version highlighting the funky beats. It was recorded in one take. Amazing…

Artist Website: www.quanticmusic.co.uk Label Website: www.tru-thoughts.co.uk Hear It Online: www.tunes.co.uk/real/tunes/ram/pushin_seven01.ram Buy it at: www.dustygroove.com

Release: Trading Eights/Blueprint Artist: The Five Corners Quintet Format: ten inches Label: Ricky Tick Records

A Tasty side project of NuSpirit Helsinki, Finland’s Five Corner Quintet dishes up two bossa-flavored dance jazz numbers that remind us of everything that was great about the bossa-influenced jazz of the ‘60s. Yet Trading Eights & Blueprint still maintain a feeling that is both vibrant and fresh, while managing to avoiding the overproduction that is laden in so many contemporary dance jazz tracks. Nice packing and liner notes reminiscent of Blue Note old Verve releases make this even more desirable. In every respect, it's a winner.

Editor's Note: Trading Eights can also be found on Schema Records' compilation Break N' Bossa, Chapter six, while Blueprint can also be found on the compilation Jazz Bizniz! Volume three -- Independent Jazz, Soul & Outernational Sounds on Counterpoint Records.

Artist Website: n/a Label Website: n/a Hear It Online: www.tunes.co.uk/real/tunes/ram/break_bossa_six15.ram Buy it at: www.dustygroove.com


Release: A Strange Melodic Shape Artists: Various Format: CD Label: Alternate Take Records

Comprising Alternate Take Record’s first two vinyl eps, Southern Soul Cont. one and two plus five new tracks, A Strange Melodic Shape reflects this Dallas-based label’s pen gent for dope instrumental hip hop and funky jazz breaks. Featuring a wide array of Southern downtempo producers, A Strange Melodic Shape is another testament to the wide array of deep, dark eclectic beats that can be created from hours of digging through old records (aka crate digging), finding beats, lifting and reinterpreting them much in the same manner as early releases from London’s Ninja Tune and Mo’Wax Records. A Strange Melodic Shape features the kindest beats out of Texas since Dallas cohort MC 900 Ft Jesus’ 1991 release Welcome to My Dream.

Label Website: www.alt-take.com Hear It Online: www.alt-take.com Buy it at: www.alt-take.com


Release: Compass Artist: Signaldrift Format: CD Label: Wobblyhead

Kraftwerk and New Order would be proud. Signaldrift crafted a record of beats that Kraftwerk once explored and New Order later exploited. Yet Compass’ sound is more mellow and atmospheric (even dubby) than New Order or Kraftwerk ever were. Think early Aphex Twin meets Slowdive, and you’re concocting the Signaldrift formula. Warm clean lo-fi production, eerily similar to many early Factory Records (Tony Wilson, what a guy) releases, only adds to the beautiful introspective state of this release. Fans of Boards of Canada, Mouse On Mars, and Darla’s Bliss Out Series (including this writer's favorite installment by Transient Waves) will not be disappointed.

Label Website: www.wobblyhead.com Hear It Online: www.groovedis.com/lp/signaldrift/compass/compass.asp Buy it at: www.groovedis.com


Scotty Dr Wisz Kream Zuk EVR Hippie By Speedy

Groove Distribution

Service comes with a price. Groove Distribution is not cheapest online music retailer, but its service is top notch. You get what you pay for. Operating out of Chicago, Groove Distribution is a great source to find new nu jazz, downtempo, house, hip hop, and drum ‘n’ bass releases on both vinyl and CD. Weekly, Groove Distribution compiles highly detailed release lists on its website, which can also be viewed via email if you sign up for weekly updates. The website also offers a great deal of audio samples of both new and popular reissued releases. Customers can order online or by phone. The staff is very knowledgeable and willing to assist.

Website: www.groovedis.com