The Space-Time Trip is one of WBNY's longest running shows and one of Buffalo's longest running live mix shows. Since the mid '90s, The Space-Time Trip has aired at 8pm on Friday nights, offering an outlet for all forms of electronic dance music. Conceived and initiated by dj Soma (Curt Kuczkowski), Soma still acts as co-host of The Space-Time Trip along with dj Oracle (Christian Kuczkowski) and dj Spectre (Paul Brenon). In describing their show, Spectre explains, "There's a lot of great music that may not get heard, aside from our show. Not all dance music is what you hear in the mainstream clubs, or even has a 4/4 beat. I think the three of us feel it's our duty to fill people in. We also try to expose our listeners to the vast number of excellent djs there are in this area."

All three hosts have been active locally in the electronic dance music scene. Soma is a veteran Buffalo club and rave dj. Oracle has played locally at venues like 658 Bar, Osaka's Blu Lounge, The Elmwood Lounge, and The Ice Palace; often with keyboardist Chris Battaglia under the guise of Dharma Lab. Spectre holds a weekly residency Saturday nights with Deepsoulplug at Iberia Lounge, as well as a late night mix show on commercial radio. In the ever changing landscape of electronic dance music The Space-Time Trip has endured in its exploration for new dance floor sounds.


Artist: Galaxian Release: Galaxian EP Format: 12" Label: Tru Thoughts Listen &

I remember when I was little little kid receiving a jig saw puzzle. 500 or a 1000 pieces, I'm not sure, but what I did know is that I had absolutely no clue how all those little things, aka pieces, were going to be put together to make a cool picture. Producing under the Galaxian moniker, Phil Williams makes music much the same way. Mixing pieces of jazz, hip hop, funk, folk and dub, one would think Galaxian's music is as much like the daunting deconstructed puzzle: jumbled. Yet, Williams' 5 track virgin release, the Galaxian EP is a super smooth downtempo monster. Dubby basslines and hip hop beats create the Galaxian's foundation upon which spacier elements of jazz, funk, folk and soul are ingeniously incorporated. Think Massive Attack meets dj Shadow meets Lee Perry and you got the key to the puzzle. Another fine release from the connoisseurs of beats at Tru Thoughts.

Artist: Zuk Release: Sky Bar Sessions Format: CD Label: Unreleased Learn

Local dj / musician Zuk (Ruben Zukowski) of Deepsoulplug comes up with a stellar live demo. Although not officially released 'Sky Bar Sessions' has circulated quietly and insidiously around Buffalo parts. For those uninitiated, Sky Bar is a n open-air roof-top bar above D'Arcy Mcgee's which became a happening Sunday night venue for various local djs this summer. At this location on a warm summer evening Zuk embarked to record Sky Bar Sessions with the assistance of Jazzopetry's Cliff Jackson. Zuk's demo uniquely incorporates the feel of the evening as microphones were set up to catch the sounds from crowd during his set. The product makes for unique live sound not heard since releases like Gil Evan's jazz masterpiece Waltz For Debbie where artist and audience are recorded collectively in a loungy environment. Zuk's demo represents his continued growth into spiritual beats. Starting chilled his set progresses in bossa flavored latin house and continues into deep afro-house in a tight mix. A demo well worth hunting down.

Most underrated Hip-Hop ever : Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol.1 - Brand New Heavies (Rhino)

Originally released in 1992 Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol.1 finds the Brand New Heavies pioneering a hard, tight and funky live hip-hop sound that a select group of rappers performed over. At the time very rappers were experimenting with live beats within the hip-hop domain. Guest rappers include Black Sheep, Pharcyde, Kool G. Rap & Gang Starr to name a few. Listen & Purchase at: Space Radio

As commercial radio becomes more and more homogenized with cookie cutter artists (FM) or raucous, ignorant talk radio hosts (AM), it's nearly impossible to find innovative music on the air-waves. Enter college radio stations which nationwide offer one of the only outlets for many forms of music. Locally, Buffalo State College's WBNY (91.3 FM) has consistently offered a musical alternative in this vein.