The Senecas for Justice and Preservation (SJP) hereby maintain their position as that of being opposed to Class III Gambling being conducted by the Seneca Nation of Indians government. SJP also opposes the sale and distribution of liqour within Seneca territories at the current Seneca Nation Casino facilities. We believe the Family to be the most fundamental and Sacred unit of any Society and that the acts of our Tribal Council to deliberately engage in any conduct which hinders or in any way negatively effects any Seneca family to be contrary to Seneca custom and tradition and indisputably violates our Seneca Culture. We warn those within Government at all levels (local, state, and Federal, including our own Seneca Government), that to disregard our Seneca customs and traditions will ultimately result in the desintegration of Seneca Families both immediate and extended.Therefore, it is with all the love we posess as "believers" in our good Seneca traditions which we maintain as "eternal-truths", that we respectfully invite New York State and US- Politicians at all levels to consider the enormous negative impact that Class III Las-Vegas style Gambling has on Seneca and non-Seneca families alike, and to immediately declare the Gaming-Compact entered into between the State of New york and the Seneca Nation of Indians Null and Void as it is indisputably in violation of the New York State Constitution and the Seneca Nation Constitution/Chater which was granted by the NYS-Legislature to the Seneca Nation on April 11,1849 [ L-1849-P-530] Respectfully, Robert Jones Co-chair of Senecas for Justice and Preservation (SJP)