Often when the doctrine of separation of powers is discussed reference is made to the three co-equal branches of our government. What is often left out is the fourth branch of our government, the people. In a republican form of government the people have the ultimate power and what is not expressly granted to the government is reserved in the people. The authority to permit commercial gambling has not been granted to any branch of our State Government. It is only with the permission of the people that it may be granted. Upstate Citizens for Equality will dedicate our resources to protect the right to vote guaranteed to all citizens of New York.


Daniel T. Warren
Chair, Niagara Frontier Chapter of Upstate Citizens for Equality

http://www.upstate-citizens.org Our State leaders in their zeal to increase revenue and in a vain attempt to demonstrate that they are trying to do something for the economy have circumvented the Constitution of this state and deprived us of our right to vote. When our Constitution was debated, drafted and passed by a vote of all New Yorkers it prohibited commercial gambling. New Yorkers did this because they did not want commercial gambling in this state at that time. Because the citizens of New York chose to prohibit commercial gambling through our State Constitution we need to amend our Constitution in order to permit it. By requiring that we amend our Constitution to permit commercial gambling our forefathers guaranteed all voters of New York an opportunity to decide this important element of our state public policy by popular vote at a general referendum.