The Associated Press stories from one day alone seem to prove that point. On June 24th, insurgents launched coordinated attacks across the country, attacking the much-beleaguered police stations and other government facilities. Over 100 civilians were killed, with hundreds more wounded. Three more American G.I.’s were killed as well. Hardly, the kind of daily figures anticipated a year ago.

It is obvious that these so-called insurgents have the initiative, and can roam the country at will, attacking targets at there own choosing. No one can stop them. Allawi’s brave face and tough talk cannot change the fact that his country teeters on the brink of disaster, and he can do nothing to stop it.

Israelis At The Gate

To make matters worse, it has been confirmed that the Israeli’s have operatives in the northern Kurdish areas of Iraq. The New Yorker also reports that Israeli commandos and Mossad agents have crossed the Kurdish frontier with Kurdish commandos onto Iran to install sensors and other intelligence gathering devices to spy on Iranian nuclear facilities. Reports also indicate that the Israeli Air Force is poised to launch its own pre-emptive strike against these same nuclear facilities. The result of an Israeli/Kurdish/Iranian confrontation could trigger a tactical nuclear exchange.

The Kurds want their own homeland, and they may not trust the US or a new government in Iraq to guarantee their own sovereignty. The Kurds’ own military could move on the oil fields around Kirkuk. There is no one to stop them. But this could trigger an invasion from Turkey just to the north. Video of Turkish armored divisions crossing the border is no fantasy. Again, who would stop them? If American intervention occurred, the negative image of Imperial America protecting its colony would then be sent off to the drug store and printed.

As predicted, the new government asked US troops to stay on and help with building security forces for the now fledgling democracy. With the Fourth of July approaching, we can see ourselves as modern day Marquis de La Fayette’s, coming to the aid of our newest Iraqi band of brothers in liberty. One pauses to wonder: will there ever be a Bushville, Iraq?? Meanwhile, On The Eastern Front… As the Bush-Neo con administration whistles past the Iraqi graveyard, the President last week had the gall to use Afghanistan as the model for a new Iraq. As we have reported in Alt and talked about on our radio show The News Room, Afghanistan is a failed state of appalling condition. It has remained in the Dark Ages after the Taliban. Afghan President Hamid Karzai rules only a small part of downtown Kabul.

Last week yet another province was overrun by the warlord/drug lord of the moment, with the accompanying slaughter. The Karzai government inside Kabul has decided not send to troops to retake the provincial capitol until well after the rebels abandoned the city.

Meanwhile, the poppy harvest has reached an all-time record high.

And The Atrocities Continue. Insurgents executed South Korean hostage Kim Sun-il, after Seoul had refused to pull out its 670 soldiers from Iraq and cancel the deployment of an additional 3,000.

This gruesome story came on the heels of the equally gruesome killing of American Paul Johnson, Jr., on Friday in Saudi Arabia. The fact that Johnson’s killers claimed to have had help from renegades inside the Saudi Security services should come as no surprise to anyone.

House of Saud Tightens Its Grip

The House of Saud is universally hated outside its own palaces, and its corruption noted throughout the Arabian Peninsula. Elements inside the Kingdom are determined to overthrow the Monarchy and replace it with a radical, fundamentalist Islamic Republic.

For decades, the Royal family has survived by executing some of its domestic enemies and bribing the others. But still, the presence of US and British infidels is trying the patience of the militant clerics. They and their political mentor, Osama Bin Laden want the hated westerners out, and the Royal Family with them. And 25% of the world’s oil is hanging in the balance. Militants of various affiliations and loyalties have banned together, much like they have in neighboring Iraq, to target westerners, hoping to destabilize the government. But The Royal family also controls the military in the form of the National Guard. There is also an army, but the family does not trust its officer Corps not to mutiny, so it is never issued any ammunition. The National Guard, however, is armed to the teeth and manned by the Royal family’s numerous relatives and trusted allies.

A blood bath looms for the Kingdom in its immediate future, a civil war no doubt inspired by the one boiling to the surface in Iraq.

Just Another Day

Kidnappings, car bombs, executions, gang warfare, clan revenge, extortion, organized crime, robbery, violence and just plain murder are commonplace in Iraq. The only safe place seems to be inside the Green Zone, where an American appointed puppet cabinet presides over a looking glass government. Two of its officials have been blown to bits right outside the gates. The puppets can’t leave their compound without overwhelming escort, and that seems of lesser value when the insurgents have the offensive initiative and the support of as much of 75% of ordinary Iraqis.

Waiting in the political wings is the Government in Iran. Tehran is patiently waiting for the explosion, along with their new friends the Russians and Chinese.

Unfortunately, American soldiers will likely experience much of the collateral damage. By Grady Hawkins

At this point in the Bush-initiated invasion and occupation of Iraq, all but the most severely brainwashed neocon or fire-and brimstone, bloodthirsty evangelical maniac realizes that this pointless military misadventure is about to explode. The fuse was long ago lit, and burns in the blistering noonday heat of Baghdad. Temperatures reach 115 degrees, with only ten hours of electricity to combat the effects.

As Alt goes to press today (Thursday) it is exactly one week to the turnover of “full sovereignty” to the interim Iraq government headed by newly appointed Prime Minister Iyad Allawi. Much ink has been devoted to exactly what “full sovereignty” implies, since the US occupation troops still number 138,000 and may yet increase by another 28,000. These troops will remain as long as the Bush administration wishes. Just this week, the Prime Minister threatened to impose martial law in some parts of his country, but was informed by the coalition of the billing that he does not have that power. Only the coalition has the authority to terrorize the Iraqi population even more. In retrospect, Allawi doesn’t seem to have the muscle to impose anything on anyone.