Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi's new government is considering offering amnesty to Iraqi ‘insurgents’ (read: terrorists) who fought the U.S.-led occupation, possibly even pardoning those who killed the Americans supposedly sent to ‘liberate’ them. A spokesman for Allawi said killing U.S. troops was ‘justified’ if it was meant as resistance to occupation. ‘If he (an ‘insurgent’) killed Americans, that will be justified because it was an occupation force,’ spokesman Georges Sada said. ‘We will give them freedom.’ Sada also said that the details of Iraq’s terrorist’s amnesty were yet to be decided and a full pardon for insurgents who killed Americans is not yet for certain. Is this how low George Bush has brought us? It’s now okay to murder Americans? Wasn’t this exactly why he told us we had to invade Iraq in the first place, so Americans wouldn’t get murdered? This disgraceful administration has got to go, and someday every one of them should be taken before the International Court of Justice, tried for crimes against humanity, and hung by the neck until dead in the public square so that no leader of any nation however powerful, ever again dares defy the international community and initiates an unprovoked invasion and occupation of a sovereign nation.