· President Bush initially opposed creating the Commission, and only relented (over a year after it was requested) under political pressure from both Democrats and Republicans alike.

· Bush first appointed Henry Kissinger- a career international criminal from Nixon’s “secret end to the war in Viet Nam” years (there are outstanding warrants for him in Europe) and prevaricator- to head the Commission. Immediately Kissinger was forced to resign because of obvious income-related conflicts of interest.

· Bush delayed giving the commission access to Presidential Daily Briefs, only eventually allowing the Commission to take a guarded look at some of those documents and a select few White House-‘approved’ notes, again, only after extended political pressure from both parties. This time, after over two years had passed, they finally released a version of a pre-September 11 (August 6, 2001 to be precise) PDB titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” as credible as Bush’s Air National Guard records were once they finally (and mysteriously illegibly) appeared.

· Bush refused giving the Commission a much needed and repeatedly requested extension to finish its work after White House delays made its original deadline impossible to meet. Then within weeks he just as arbitrarily agreed to one.

· Bush refused to allow National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice to testify publicly or under oath, again giving in only after political pressure forced him to reverse his position.

· Bush has insisted on limiting his own time with the Commission to be as brief as possible, attempting to arrange a meeting only one hour long with just two of the commissioners and NOT UNDER OATH. Bush has now agreed to meet with the whole Commission, but only if Vice President Cheney accompanies him, and still NOT UNDER OATH. This makes his testimony absolutely useless as he’s the most disingenuous, deceiving, dishonest, dissembling president in American history (see Iraqi WMD’s and al-Qaeda connections, UN international agreements, World Trade agreements, the World Court, EPA report edits and forgeries, administration suppressed, distorted, and ignored intelligence, Medicare, his past personal insider stock trading, military record, etc. (for a fuller, more exacting, source-referenced account of this see ‘The Lies of George W. Bush’-David Corn, editor of ‘The Nation’ and ‘Fox News Channel’ contributor, Michael Moore.com, or any of his recent books and publications, Fairness & Accuracy in Media, Bushwatch.com, or the archives of any daily press from the New York Times to the Washington Post, or weeklies like Time and Newsweek)).

· Bush has handed over only 25 percent of the 11,000 pages of documents requested that reveal former President Clinton’s administration’s emphasis on fighting the very terrorists that were responsible for 9/11. Under repeated pressure the White House has relented and agreed to release the remainder of the declassified files into their possession (like Iraq’s UN WMD report) when they’re done with them.

This year the Democrat’s apparent alternative to Bush II again, is another Boston Catholic J.F.K., John Kerry, of whom the Bush’s most repeated criticisms are his “flip-flops” on issues of principle from defense spending to taxes. But for a real lesson in the aforementioned the Bush administration itself is a textbook example of treating facts as if they were merely points of view to be manipulated and “managed”. On a single topic: the 9/11 Commission (currently in session), the following is a short-list of the “alternative responses” this administration has managed in addressing it.