When it was just “bidness”, whether a sports team or an oil company, few suffered for his ineptness and ignorance but those who chose to do so. Now that he’s the President we are ALL paying for his lack of ability and intellect. In fact, the entire world is suffering irreparable damage from his appointment as head puppet of the neo-con fascists running the government from behind his smirk and VP Cheney’s grimace. Our children are being killed on a daily basis and we are spending upwards of FIVE BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH for his Iraqi fiasco alone, and the sad thing is we let it happen.
When a country with access to information at the level Americans have at their disposal from cable TV and the internet to the multitude of independent and alternative press sources, allows the policies of this administration to ravage the environment, rescind rights and alienate the rest of the civil (and un-) world to continue unchallenged, it shows a distinct disregard for the responsibilities of a democratic society too involved in the latest “Friends” episode or what the next “must have” media-induced fad item is going to be and how they’re going to pay for it. To put it bluntly: YOU DESERVE THIS.
As abhorrent as this administration is, you obesely overweight, slovenly, selfish, lazy, self-indulgent, materialistic, brain-dead, responsibility shirking, little consumermaggots are the real problem with America because you sit back on your well-padded butts in your gas-guzzling Selfishly Useless Vehicles and allow this to happen even though you know better. And until you get up off your fat asses and bring this administration to justice for the crimes it’s committing in your name with your tax dollars, YOU DESERVE EVERY 9/11 THE WORLD THROWS AT YOU. And none of us who saw this coming will shed a single tear for your loss. It’s time for you to take responsibility for what America, YOUR AMERICA has become. Whether you do or not will determine both the course of history and your personal worth from this November on. WAKE-UP. REGISTER. VOTE.
Recent revelations regarding the Rumsfeld-approved illicit and illegal (under Geneva Convention guidelines) abuse and torture (as well as killings) in Afghanistan and Iraqi detention centers have lowered Bush’s popularity polls into the 30 to 40% range, and while obviously rewarding to those of us who predicted this since the very beginning of America’s “war on terror”, simply represent the continued failures of a man who should never have been put in the position G.W. found himself after the election theft of 2000 by his dad’s Supreme Court cronies. This is an inarticulate, illiterate, disconnected dunce who has failed at everything in life. From his C grade average in school and his abandonment of duty in the Air National Guard to baseball, oil, and a myriad of other unsuccessful ventures that others have bailed him out of, G.W. is simply, for lack of a better word, a loser.