Back when Charles Manson was convicted of murder in the now legendary (actress Sharon) Tate killings despite never having set foot on the Polanski property where his "followers" massacred a small group of Hollywood insiders, I wondered at the justice in a system that could reach beyond those guilty few who actually committed the crime to imprison for life one whose hands had not held a drop of their victim's blood. Now I wonder at the amazing number of Americans who actually revere a president who is responsible in the exact same way for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis. George Bush, with no real evidence or justification, but his handlers' own oily self-interest, sent his minions to Iraq to wreak the same kind of havoc Charles Manson's fans did on a handful of Hollywood "elites" and millions of Americans want to see him re-elected for four more years. If you're still wondering why we're hated and despised throughout most of the middle east, this might just be a clue.

Alexander Graham