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The arms for hostages deal (Iran Contra) used to blow him into office is going to have to be improved upon if they care that we may pick up on it while they’re still in office. Judging from past actions where caught in the cookie jar (WMD’s, 9/11-Iraq connection, EPA report edits, tax-cut inequities, falsified world body Iraq weapons programs documents, global warming, environmental, and terrorist activity data reports, and a list as long as all of our arms linked together), they won’t.

In the 2004 election only a handful of what are called “swing states” will determine who enters the white house legitimately (the first time for either candidate) to steer America and the world through the next four years; whether to recovery from the recent past or further into the abyss it is now being propelled. Only around ten states will throw this “election” to one party or the other. Organizations like Move-On, as well as both candidates themselves, are concentrating their PR efforts in those handful of uncommitted republics, so we’re actually spending MORE MONEY to convince LESS PEOPLE to pull a particular lever this year than we’ve ever spent on the whole damn country in elections past!

Rumors abound on the net and elsewhere of every kind of October Surprise imaginable from the “discovery” of everything and everyone from WMD’s to Ossama to life on Mars (a Steven Spielberg collaboration no less) to another home-turf terrorist attack that we raised the alert about (for the umpteenth time) but weren’t able to stop.

If you look at the names of the artists Move-On has lined up against Bush in its VOTE FOR CHANGE concert tours of those states you get the idea that some very serious pop stars ( Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, the Dixie Chicks) take this administration’s corruption very seriously. Whether the mass of American voters do will be revealed soon enough.

Well, it’s no longer a question of “if” there’s going to be an “October Surprise”, the question is “what’s” going to be the surprise. Rounding the home stretch (some states start voting as early as September), John Kerry leads the incumbent WAR/PEACE TIME PRESIDENT (depending on the state of the race) in most of the meaningful categories of elect ability. Needless to say that’s not a “good sign” for the GOP war machine.

The fumbling, bumbling neo-conservative PR team guiding the “blight house” through these stormy days of prison scandals, piracy scandals(Haliburton contracts), economic and employment woes, national disasters (Patriot Act, Afghanistan, Iraq, world treaty and organizational unilateral isolationism, etc.), and personal travails ( CIA agent outing, flip-flops on 9/11 Commission, missing military records, and massive intelligence failures (his own)), have got to come up with a “clincher” for G. W. to even hope to ever actually be elected president, like they did for their earlier stooge, Ron Reagan, who brought us “Morning In America” and went on to triple the national debt in just eight years.