Inside this warehouse hung several signs noting these chemicals as well as abspestos and signs clearly stating that protective chemical gear was to be worn in the areas where nearly 1200 people were detained for no less than 12 hrs. and as much as 24 hrs. Behind 15 ft fences with razor wire echoed nearly 1000 people ; "This is what Guantanamo looks like!" To me this place most resembled something you would see on the history channel pertaining to the concentration camps of Hitler's time. I mean can you say Gustapo! The police refused any media or legal counsel admittance to the Pier and actually carpeted the building once all detainees were cleared out and sent to central booking in downtown manhattan, where they attempted to detain somewhere near 2000 protestors until the republican convention was over. Clearly the republican committee did not want this publicity being the largest political protest in America ever! That has to say something about the way things are being done with this country and obviously there is a large amount of people that are unhappy with the system we are forced to take part in. In total I was held by the NYPD for approx. 43 hrs without due process, legal counsel, while violationg my 1st amendment right to free speech, my right to protest, and my right to assemble peacefully in attempt to address the shortcomings of our government. Ya know it's gotta say something when the state of ny supreme court orders the release of prisoners and actually fines the NYPD for the mockery they made of their department and the system. Can you say.....class action....... lawsuit? kiss my ass NYPD, see ya in court! On tuesday august 31 I was arrestes in manhattan, ny for disorderly conduct. Apparently I was on "unauthorized" sidewalk and was picked up in a police sweep of nearly 300 republican protestors. Setting aside the fact that I, as well as 80% of the people there, were in no way committing any crime. However within the next hour we (the arresstees) found ourselves at a place called Pier 57 on the Hudson River also known as Guantanamo on the Hudson. This property belongs to the NYPD and was used as an auto wrecking and maintainance facility. Having its industrial uses, this place was scattered with antifreeze, motor oil, dirt, along with many other chemicals yet to be determined by chemists.