The concept was begun by the organization/magazine Adusters in 1999 as an attempt to discourage the riduculous shopping frenzy. To celebrate BND, one simply has to refrain from buying for one day, but that simple choice is intended to have further implications. It is a day to reflect on manipulations of advertising and excessive consumerism that has permeated every aspect of our culture. This year Buy Nothing Day falls on November 26. Supporters of this new holiday hope to get the word spread as widely as possible. Plans vary from postering and TV ads to more humourous prank-like activities. Keep your eyes open for signs of BND in Buffalo and remember to resist going to the store this Friday.

For more information go to . "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving has traditionally been one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Crazy shoppers looking for a bargain have been known to line up at Wal-Mart as early as 3 am and flock to malls across the country looking for deals on Christmas gifts. In recent years a new counter-tradition has emerged, known as "Buy Nothing Day."