Theses incidents were described in affidavits collected to bolster an election challenge lawsuit that was filed on the same day at the Ohio Supreme Court. The official recount, instigated by the state’s Green and Libertarian parties, was also scheduled to begin yesterday as Ohio’s Republican Electoral college members also met at noon. President Bush’s campaign officials have complained, pointing out that the effort won’t reverse the Presidents reelection. Bush beat Kerry by about 119,000 votes in Ohio on election- day.

On Sunday, Dec. 12, Senator John Kerry spoke to Jesses Jackson urging him to ‘take a more active role in investigating irregularities and ensuring a fair and impartial recount.” Evidently the Kerry campaign has contributed some of the $50 million left over from the general election to help. Expertise like Jesse Jackson doesn’t come cheap. Kerry pointed out the three areas that should be considered: 92,000 ballots that recorded no vote for president; counting and qualifying provisional ballots; and analyzing the software and set-up of the optical scan voting machines.

Affidavit Excerpts for the Election Challenge:

In Warren County election official declared a homeland security emergency and barred reporters and others from watching the recount on election- day. It turns out that county employees were told the previous Thursday to expect the lockdown. That being the case, why were ballots left unguarded? This suggests the lockdown was politically motivated and not a security threat.

In Knox County, students at a liberal arts college stood in line for up to 11 hours because only one voting machine was available. However, at nearby My Vernon Nazarene University, there were plenty of machines and no lines.

Shorting of voting machines turns out to be a major event.

In Franklin County, the election director seems to have perjured himself by testifying that the county had no additional machines. It now appears that as many as 81 voting machines out of 2,866 were kept away from voters. These shortages in democratic areas led to long lines and many people abandoning polling places before casting their ballots in complete frustration.

Also in Franklin County, staff at a Holiday Inn noticed a group of 25 peoples who called themselves the “Texas Strike Force’ using payphones to make intimidating calls to likely voters. The “Texas Strike Force” members paid their own way to Ohio; but the Ohio Republican Party paid for their hotel rooms. People who were not inside polling places by 7:30 PM were told to leave, even if they had been waiting for hours. This is a violation of the Voting Rights Act.

In Warren County, Democrats were being targeted and forced to use provisional ballots even though they had proper identification. Sworn Affidavits conformed reports that old voter registration rolls being used, therefore new voters were not on the list and had to be given provisional ballots. Some were not allowed to vote at all.

Tampering with the Numbers

Jonathan David Simon, an expert witness, claims that at 12:53 AM the exit polls suddenly altered the projected winner without changing the number of votes cast. “Although each update reports the same number of respondents (872), the reported results differ significantly, with the latter exit poll results apparently having been brought into congruence with the tabulated vote results.” It would seem that the exit polls were fixed to declare President Bush the winner.

Another affidavit by Richard Hayes Phillips, geomorphology Ph.D from the University of Oregon, claims to have discovered that votes were taken away from Kerry by what can only be described as computer manipulation. “It is my professional opinion that John Kerry’s margins of victory were wrongly reduced by 22,000 votes in Cleveland, by 17,000 votes in Columbus, and by as many as 7,000 votes in Toledo.” Dr. Phillips points to a suspect statistic in Miami County. Early in the evening, when 31,620 votes had been counted and then again when 50, 325 were in…”Kerry had exactly the same percentage, 33.92, and George Bush was almost exactly the same…the second set of returns gave Bush a margin of exactly 16,000 votes, giving cause to question the integrity of the central counting device for the optical scan machine.”

Jesse Jackson is not John Kerry’s only ally in Ohio. Donald McTigue is the lawyer responsible for the recount for the Senator. Kerry wants election officials to allow McTigue to visually inspect the suspect 92,000 ballots on which no vote for president was recorded. Lawyer McTigue said that the visual inspection is allowed under state law. His goal is to look for votes that were cast but not recorded by the tabulating machines. Senator Kerry also has requested that independent experts be retained to check both the calibration and programming of the election equipment.

“We’re trying to increase the transparency of the election process,” said McTigue. This concept seems to be invisible in the republican camp.

Good luck. You’ll need it. By Grady Hawkins

The voting irregularities in the state of Ohio just won’t go away. Yesterday, in the state’s capital in Columbus, democratic members of the House Judicial Committee met for a rare field hearing to investigate alleged incidents of ‘election malfeasance and manipulation in the 2004 vote.” The members of this congressional delegation included representative John Conyers (D-MI), Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), and Representative Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. Also included in the group was the reverend Jesses Jackson.