According to Mr. Springer the Democrats need a message to effectively battle the Republican party.

Photo: Gabriel Schmidbauer “Say what you want about Republicans,” said Mr. Springer. “Their message is clear. I think it’s totally wrong and hurtful, but it’s clear.”

Mr. Springer said he was happy to see such a strong field of Democratic primary candidates but that it was too early for him to endorse anyone, though he admitted that he does like Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean a good deal.

“Actually, the best thing I could do for the Dermocratic party right now would be to endorse Bush,” said Mr. Springer referring to negative publicity associated with the Jerry Springer show. He also cited the show as the reason he declined to run for the Senate as it would still be on the air for the entire campaign season and would give endless distracting fodder to the media and republicans, making winning a seat difficult and possibly doing harm to other Democrats running for office. By Brendan Coyne

Democratic party stalwart and outrageous talk show host Jerry Springer popped into town for the National Convention of the Young Democrats of America on August 14th. We at Alt had access to a smaller discussion held prior to his convention address. While many mat believe Mr. Springer to be tarnished by his talk show the former mayor of Cincinatti had some interesting and on point things to say.

The focus of the roundtable-style discussion was on reinvigorating the Democratic party by getting back to the party’s roots- fighting for the little guy, minorities, the working class and the disenfranchised economic underclass, according to Mr. Springer. He said that the Republicans were the party of the rich, something he never fully realized until he became rich himself.