By Grady Hawkins


A report just published by the Pentagon's National Defense University chacterises the occupation of Iraq as " a major debacle" and its "outcome in doubt".

It also lays most of the blame on then Secretary of Defense Donald Von Rumsfeld.

Also singled out for criticism are Condi Rice and her primary henchman, Steve Hadley.

Tell us something we all didn't know!

As the lunacy and stupidity of the war in Iraq continue to unfold, my view of the Von Rumsfeld-Rice-Cheney trio seems to be evolving.

Initially, It seemed to me that they were using the global war on terror as an excuse to expand the power of the executive branch to that of a dictator,  expanded the Empire and loot the U.S. treasury. This would be accomplished by turning the mainstream press into a propaganda machine whose patriot police would reduce the legislative branch to thumb-sucking enablers.  I thought they were brilliant, ruthless, calculating,and very dangerous. They manipulated a president who had no clue into doing everything they envisioned. And it worked.

But now I'm not so sure.

They did indeed do everything I described, but could it be for the wrong reason?

Could it be they were just plain stupid?

Stupid, arrogant, and drunk with power and hubris and dreams of a New American Empire?

Tell me what you think.

I'm not certain as to which scenario I prefer.  Is it better to be neo-conned by pros or led around by the nose by accidental executive branch tourists?

Neither prospect does the American people much credit.