General Says Surge  is Working

By Grady Hawkins and Alex Blair

Rolla, Missouri (alt press)

Brigadier General Amos T. Halftrack, commanding officer at camp Swampy, Missouri, stated here during a press conference yesterday that "the surge is working."

Halftrack was of course refering to the 30,000 American troop increase in Baghdad last year.

"Our red, white, and blue- blooded boys are doing a great job buying time for this fledgling Iraqi democracy," Halftrack said.

The General also told reporters that units from one  of his parachute infantry regiments is now patroling with Iraqi soldiers in Sadr City in the eastern part of Baghdad.  Sadr city is a hotbed of militias hostile to both the Iraqi government and occupying American soldiers.

The commanding officer of one of these small units is Lt. Sonny Fuzz. Some of the names of the men in his command have been released. They include pvts. Beetle Bailey, Killer, Zero, Plato, and a Corporal Yo. Halftrack admitted that the men had come under enemy fire but would not release any details at that time.  Casualty reports would be forthcoming, as soon as the families had been notified.

None of the men's hometown's or other details have been confirmed by the Defense Department.

The Alt Press will have a reporter embedded with this outfit as soon as possible.