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By Glenn Young

  There has been huge focus this election year about efforts to suppress the vote in key states where the Republicans control the legislature.  All forms of voter ID laws and voting limits have been put in place in these states.  Some fortunately have been found not legal … and courts have prevented implication.  Some such as Pennsylvania still stands (one of the most crucial of all) … The state of Ohio has attempted many approaches … which have mostly been withdrawn. 

 But now here comes one in Ohio what seems to reveal the final card in the effort of the Republicans to take the key states by interfering with the rights of people to vote.  It now appears that in Ohio and other states … there will be massive effort to challenge voters at the polls (by “poll watchers”) who are being trained to go into “the right districts” and challenge virtually if not actually everyone … thereby slowing the voting and … preventing people from voting by grinding the process to virtual halt … and then …

 By obnoxiously and consistently stopping the process … hope to trigger violence and to shut down the voting  completely  … and by stimulating violence … will also keep many away from the polls (as well as to show what horrible people these are  … rioting because the line is slow  … what people these 47% ers are  … etc.) And maybe even have the state police and national guard suspend voting in the “affected areas” for the good of public safety.

 So the plans are in place  and nationwide there has been more than one million people recruited to be the anti-vote shock troops of the Romney campaign … and they will be at the polls bright and early.  They have gotten their training and the goals are clearly to stop the voting in areas that support Obama … and to create the violence that such efforts would bring about …

 This is their ace in the hole … and they are willing to play it … normally you could say I’m just being paranoid …. But clearly there is extensive proof out there that this is the plan and goal of the organization True the Vote (despite what they may protest) and other extreme right wing groups.

 What can we do?  Poll watching is legal … challenging voters is legal … they can legally destroy the voting process on the election day…

 We need legal actions now to create injunctions (to allow for reasonable challenges) to stop deliberate wholesale challenges  … and we need  Democratic poll watchers to work to above all prevent violence … and we need to get as much early voting as possible to avoid the challenges at the polling stations from effecting the outcomes.

The plan is out there   … These Republicans have shown they will stop at nothing …. We need to show that it is their plan and take steps now  … prior to their implication of the final voter repression action of the election

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