“The Spaghetti Jimbrone is a ton of food.” “Awesome.” “We come here twice a week.” “You should save room for the bread pudding.” “Owners Bob and Dan Syracuse do a great job.” Pizza Plant (Walker Center) 5110 Main Street Williamsville, New York 142212

Pizza Plant (Transit) 8020 Transit Road Williamsville, New York 14221


At Pizza Plant, the Pod is the thing. There are eighteen on the menu or you can create your own. In fact, many are named after their customer creators! The most popular are the Amy Pod, the Cajun Pod, and the Sicilian Steak Pod. One gets a clean, safe “sub-urban” feel when sitting in the family-friendly booths that dominate the seating. Expect to see many divorced dads with their young ones playing at the table with actual pizza dough. Overall, it’s a very creative place with high quality ingredients and a nice staff. The half-pound Black Angus is new to the menu and quite tasty. Wheat-free pasta, pizza, and beer are featured every Wednesdays. There is an extensive number of vegetarian dishes on a very customer driven menu. Other menu favorites include the Southwest Nachos, Pasta Louisiana, Chicken Sausage Bomboro, and the Chicken Burrito.