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The second drink that I tasted was the Fusion Mojito, which consists of Kaya Fusion rum, fresh mint, triple sec, un-refined sugar, 7-Up, and lime wedges. Served in a highball glass, this drink looks like a wild version of ginger ale. What makes it different from the original mojito is the sweetness. Although it still has that refreshing mint flavor, the 7-Up gives it that extra kick, making it all the better. This is the type of drink in which you can hardly taste the alcohol, and it goes down really easy.

Bottom line: Both drinks will make you smile.

By Amanda Zackem

Restaurant/Bar: Sonoma 5010 Main Street, Snyder, NY 14226 Phone: (716) 204-0251 Bartender: Phillip Duquin Drink(s): Hypnotic Martini and a Fusion Mojito

Move over, Cosmo. The Hypnotic Martini, a combination of Absolute Citron, fresh squeezed lemon juice, Hypnotic blue with a twist of lemon, could very well become this summer’s hottest drink. Complementing the candlelit room, the fluorescent blue, luminous martini has a very light citrus flavor, and you can only mildly taste the alcohol. Because of its hint of sweetness, it could complement a fruit salad or dessert; however, it tastes just as good alone.