The bottle of Sake used in the martini can also be separately ordered and, through its innovative design, is capped with a Sake cup for convenient, lo-key serving. The Sake Martini is one of the smoothest and lightest drinks around town, particularly for the Sake lover. It has a similar rosy color to that of the typical Cosmo, served slightly chilled and shaken in a posh martini glass that might even be for sale along with the drink, as pretty much everything is for sale at Off The Wall. So, as you venture down the strip looking for a smooth, chilled, and unique libation during these final days of the Buffalo summer, you may want to venture into a place that is a little off the wall and sample the Sake Martini. By Gabriel Schmidbauer

When asked to write this week’s installment of “Drink of the Week,” I thought to myself, “What a horrible assignment!” But let’s be real; enjoying a satisfyingly cool beverage on a sunny day in Buffalo on the Elmwood Strip is one of the true luxuries of living in the city. The drink I chose, the Sake Martini, is one of the unique specialties offered at the trendy new haunt for those in search of a new groove, Off The Wall at 534 Elmwood Ave. It is a cultural mixture of distinctive Asian Sake flavor mixed with a French tang of Grenadine and Lemonade. The drink consists of a generous pour of the bar’s signature Cap-Ace bottles of the traditional Gekkeikan sushi fare Sake, one part lemonade and one part Grenadine.