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(editor's note: The following is an open letter to Darryl McGrath the author of the editorial which can be found at the Buffalo News website)

Dear Ms. McGrath:

“HISTORICALLY CHALLENGED” ---- An appropriately titled, but solipsistic argument that completely fails to address the failure of education both public and private to adequately produce educated citizens for the past, present and future in these United States.

I am not of your generation, and more likely I reside in the generation that your parents inhabit. However, my depression-era memories are not reliable, since I was born in the year that Hitler invaded Poland. While not a great student of mathematics I have been able to deduce that you were born in 1958. Your article mentioned your age as being 45 years. Funny that a young girl would remember those scintillating conversations about "Before and After the War." Do you have it confused with the Vietnam War?

As your gaze searches the bright, shining and anxious faces of your students for some sign of cognition, do you ever wonder how they were ever allowed into college? Have you ever questioned our educational system and its failure to perform its intended function? Have you ever believed that you and your students have been fed one bright shining lie after the other? Have you ever pursued the ability to think critically by introducing yourself to the great philosophers of the past and present?

Stupid people are unable to learn while the ignorant in our midst have the ability to switch on the lamp of knowledge and I would suggest that you reach over and switch on your lamp. Your essay, while well-intended, nets an F from me. You may inform yourself of the failure of our educational system by reading The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto. He is also a contributor to Harper's Magazine and you may read his essay Against School in the September issue.

Your students are the messengers from a bankrupt educational system and do not need to be castigated as dumb or lacking in motivation from an employee of that same bankrupt system. The system that you reported on for The Buffalo News and now represent as a professor at the State University of NY at Albany has also failed you because you are a product of the very same system. It feeds you and provides you with your livelihood. Think about it and reach for the light switch immediately.


Bill Logal By Bill Logal

The Buffalo News sent a final insulting message to the Young Democrats of America Convention which met here in Buffalo with a Sunday Viewpoints column that castigated young Americans for their hopeless stupidity, while ignoring the educational system responsible for that alleged condition, completely.