“Everything they’re doing is the opposite of what they should be doing,” Jim Speyer, President of Local 261 told Alt. “We’re not against technological innovation. We wanted to work together with management to create a win-win situation.”

Instead, The News has given its own workers no resort but to picket an event intended to be a celebration of The Buffalo News’ commitment to the community.

“We have, I believe seven charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board. The way they can fulfill their quota of people, we feel is wrong,” Speyer said noting that The News is not retaining the pressmen’s jobs even though Empire Zone grants are intended to promote job retention and growth. “Their filling the void with management,” he said.

Speyer, also pointed out that while Western New Yorkers have been bombarded with “glowing and rose colored” reports of the new presses and the makeover at The Buffalo News, many people are unaware of the fact that forty workers have lost their jobs and more workers will be cut through attrition.

“I don’t understand it myself, Speyer said, “You’ve got fifty million dollars, most of it government money going into this renovation and you’re firing forty workers.”

Alt Publisher Joe Schmidbauer’s attempt to interview Buffalo News Chairman Warren Buffett about this and other anti labor positions promoted by the monopoly daily newspaper was not successful. Press Worker Protest Spoils the Party at The Buffalo News

Members of the Graphic Communications International Union Local 261, which represents pressmen, paper handlers and engravers at The Buffalo News picketed the “black-tie” party at HSBC on May 17 to protest the loss of jobs and anti-labor attitude of The News.

The News used thirty million dollars in State Empire Zone tax breaks to install its new presses but instead of creating new jobs with these incentives The News has actually sent pink slips to forty workers and is laying off more workers through attrition.