The neo-con puppeteers that pass for the powers behind the thrown these days have gotten so disrespectful of the public they’re pulling around by the nose ring that they don’t even bother pretending to put up anyone remotely resembling a Commander in Chief, and they’re probably right not to do so. No one bothers to even try to assassinate this president because everyone knows it wouldn’t make a lick of difference-like ‘suicide in Buffalo’.

After even just a few moments’ viewing, one was left with the impression that had he been auditioning for the role, he would be laughed out of any real television studio. It makes you wonder what the millions of viewers around the world must be thinking about a society in which this is the best it can do. It makes you wonder what kind of society would put this C grade frat boy kegger lover in the most powerful position on earth. Twice.

Think about that for a moment. Turn it over in your mind and let it settle in. Look at the record. This man has failed at every venture he’s ever undertaken. Ever. From baseball to fossil fuels (who can’t find oil in Texas?) to savings and loans, he’s been a wash out at all of it-even the National Guard. Notoriously so by now, even as a ‘weekend warrior’ he was a no show. It sometimes seems like three quarters of the American public are the only ones in the world unaware of these facts. Now why would that be? Hmmm….why, why, why?

How could so many citizens in the most information accessed nation in the world be so stupid as to think Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11, or was in cahoots with bin Laden’s bunch of radical religious martyrs in any way, shape or form; or that alienating the majority of the civilized world by launching ‘preemptive’ wars against harmless oil producing nations was in their own best interests; or that tax cuts for wealthy corporations and individuals would put money in their pockets as well; or that the national debt this bunch is building will be paid in even their grandchildren’s lifetimes, or any of the dozens of diplomatically dysfunctional diatribes and socially debilitating policies this administration has displayed for the last four years as being for either their or their children’s benefit?

The obvious answer would be that they either don’t pay attention or they’re not being told by the regular sources of news reporting what those of us who look elsewhere already know, and since it would self-evidently be inhumanly irresponsible, moronically myopic, short sighted and self-centered not to pay attention, what are we left with? Warren Buffett? Maybe one or two of the other handful of corporations and individuals who control every form of mass media from television and radio to magazine and newsprint in America?

The problem is, if we concede that point, we have to admit that the same corporations and individuals that benefit from those policies are supplying us the information we use to decide if they’re good or not because those are the corporations and individuals that own and support with their advertising dollars those mainstream media resources we are getting our news from. When you look at it that way, is it any wonder we’re so stupid? And isn’t this man exactly the representation we deserve?

alexander graham
On April 28th His Highness, King George the 1 too many gave one of those rare and wondrous performances that passes for a press conference with this administration. The questioners are handpicked, the questions prescreened and the entire affair a shameful show of sycophantic simpering by this president’s media elite. And even so, with his nervous grinning and grimacing, fractured grammar and syntax, mangled dangling participles, stumbling, bumbling logic lines, laborious and limited vocabulary and total lack of articulation, he was a humiliation to us all as the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.