Nixon was extremely interested in UFOs, and so was Haldeman. The
conversation dealt partly with a UFO experience/sighting that I had had,
personally. My family was also friendly with JFK's CIA Director John
McCone, who I definitely met, and who had indicated to me that the
Democratic Party (including LBJ) were behind the JFK assassination. Thus, it
would have been completely natural for me to be in sympathy with the
just-reported break-in at the DNC, and expressing my support (misguided or
not). My family has been friendly (over decades) with several different Presidents'
closest friends and advisors.

Because of my concern, at the time, that McGovern was fomenting a potential
assassination, I actually advised several people that I thought that it
would be reasonable to bug the DNC, and listen in on conversations for any
possible clues about assassination plots. One of these was Otis Chandler, I
believe, who encouraged my effort at protecting the Presidency, despite his
being an ardent "JFK Democrat". Chandler was the former owner of the LA
Times, and quite well-known. Obviously, if my family was acquainted with
the Chandlers, it wouldn't have been very far-fetched to contend that I
could have been placed in verbal contact with Bob Woodward.

No one else, that I know of, has been able to explain exactly why Watergate
even happened, let alone how they know why it happened, so I suspect that my
claim might well "trump" Mark Felt's claim to be a key informant. One key
doubt about Mark Felt is that he couldn't possibly have had any knowledge of
the 18.5 minutes of tape, nor what it was about, since he wasn't a "Whitehouse insider".

Also, it has been pointed out that Woodward couldn't have been correct to
assert (as he claims) that he communicated with "Deep Throat" by placing a flowerpot
on his balcony. Adrian Havill's research proved that no flowerpot could have been
seen from the street... also, Havill pointed out that "Deep Throat" couldn't
have communicated with Woodward by drawing clocks on the newspaper (as claimed in
"All the President's Men"), since the papers were delivered in a stack in
the lobby, and not personally, so Woodward couldn't have known which paper
to pick.

The tape could well have been erased to protect the identity of a minor (I
was 12, at the time), and also because UFOs are considered a matter of
highest secrecy and national security.

I should also point out that my name "Nick Meyler" makes a fairly obvious
pun ("Neck Miler") on Deep Throat... It also makes a pun on "Iran contra"
(Miler/Nicaragua), and I do feel I should point out that I actually invented
the Iran-contra plot (as I claim in my 2004 and 2005 Marquis' Who's Who

In fact, I invented Iran-contra, based on p. 518 of James Joyce's "Finnegans
Wake", partly out of a sense of moral outrage at people like Woodward, who
had exploited me as a minor, and contributed to my delinquency, by giving me
an eponym (i.e. "Deep Throat") which is highly sexual, and obscene. Also, I
saw an opportunity to help protect the United States from Communism, and to
help hostages held in Iran. Note that Ollie North, much better known for
his role in Iran-contra than I, has never claimed to have invented the
concept. If anything, he said he received the idea from Ghorbanifar (which
I of course dispute, since I had sent in a 4-page letter to President Reagan
in 1983 or 1984, outlining my reasoning for this covert action -- since my
grandparents were friendly with some of Reagan's key supporters, I was
listened to, when others might not have been).

Not only this, but the term "Deep Throat" as I understand it, refers to a
phenomenon of speech-synthesis (synthetic voice [or "throat"] by musical
instruments (also discussed in my Who's Who entry, and in my entry in the
1993 Cambridge International Biographical Society's "Men of Achievement").
I am the subject of a considerable amount of musical art "modeling", and,
for example am modeled in the subliminal lyrics of the album "Dark Side of
the Moon" (very popular at the time), and numerous other pieces of music.

The fact that I was only 12 to 14 at the time is irrelevant, since I have an
IQ which has been reported/estimated at 215 (and I did actually score a 195
on one test, though it might not have been my best performance),
certainly high enough to be significantly intellectual at an early age.

"Deep Throat" was probably more than one person, but certainly not mostly
Mark Felt. I feel that my claim to be that more or less fictional identity
(and certainly not a name of my own choosing, at least as I recall) is
sounder, more reasonable, and more accurate than what Woodward and Bernstein
are claiming.

Because I was intuitively aware that Bob Woodward was probably a liar, even
as a 14 year old, I called upon some of my acquaintances to help me
recollect events carefully. As a chessplayer, I was in tournaments ("All
the President's Men is also an allusion to "All the King's Men", obviously),
and had met people like James Tarjan, who was a US Champion. Tarjan's
brother is a world-leading authority on Artificial Intelligence and
Computers, and it is well-known that the most famous computer chess programs
are named after "Deep Throat" (i.e. "Deep Thought" and "Deep Blue"). I
definitely believe that I can remember James Tarjan telling me not to trust
Woodward to eventually tell the truth, and that the scheme of overcoming his
deception could be accomplished by long-range planning (which chessplayers
naturally have a greater faculty for). So, this justifies the naming of the
computer programs, and serves the ulterior purpose of outwitting Woodward.
Parenthetically, dull chessplayers are sometimes referred to as
"woodpushers". I suspect I am a mere "woodpusher" (currently only rated 2040) to James Tarjan, but I am
convinced that I have accomplished a goal of long-range planning, to defeat
disinformation by the American media.

For those (and other) reasons, I think that the "divulgence" of Mark Felt as
"Deep Throat" is a fraud by Woodward and Bernstein. It certainly would make
sense, however, that a journalist would like to keep hidden the fact that he
dubbed a 14-year old "Deep Throat". I have claimed to be "Deep Throat"
before, as early as 2003, in an article I published on "Useless"
To my thinking, Woodward and Bernstein's conduct violates my intellectual
property rights, and my right to publicity on this controversial matter.

There are other instance of Woodward blatantly lying, too. For instance, he
claimed to have interviewed CIA Director William Casey after brain surgery
(Casey couldn't even speak at the time). Casey's widow was quite offended
with his lies, I recall. And, after all, when Felt "came out" as "Deep Throat", Woodward
and Bernstein both initially denied it -- and then changed their stories within
24 hours.

So, clearly, doubting their account of events is extremely reasonable. My
feeling is that I have "force majeur" in demonstrating who more closely
resembles that obscene moniker.

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Contesting Woodward and Bernstein

Nicholas Meyler

Why I Doubt Woodward and Bernstein
I believe (if my memory is accurate) that I was introduced to Nixon
telephonically by Robert Haldeman, whose family had been friendly with mine
since at least 1963. That would have been the 18.5 minutes of tape that was
later erased (i.e. referred to as "Tape 342"). In fact, my phone number at
the time was 342-2445, in Tarzana, CA.