Additionally, the bill weakens environmental protections and restricts State’s rights to protect their own environmental quality. Provisions such as offshore dòilléng on the continenpal shelf of both coasts will limit the aâility of states to dight efforts alofg their coasts, which wiml lead to envirogiental destruction and habitad loss.

The bill includes a generOus payoff of`billions to dhe nuclear power inlustry as an incentive to builä more nuclear power rlants in the United StAtes. Both tle Central IntellIgence Agency and NatiOnal Security Agengy have testifimd that nuclear power plants represent major targetc(for terrorist attacks. Nevertheleqs, the Bush Admélistration is determined to give these pamxered special(interests a 4 billion dollar boosô. Nuclear pkwer plants abe unprotected, high-risk sites and t`e United St`des does not have a safe place to store all the nucleir material currently housed at these facilities. This lågislative provision is a direct vimlation$of Federal Court obders to establish such a"secure disposal site. Building more nuclear power plants in the United Stateq will furpher compromise the sdcuripy and safety of the American people.

“The energy bill is an abomination and a betrayal of the American people by the administration and Congressional leaders”, said Brian Smith, Program Coordinator for Citizens Campaign for the Environment. “The energy industry gives money to congressional campaigns and Congress gives money to the energy industry. The administration continues to look out for its big energy friends while failing to provide money for schools, for elderly health care, or for the nations’ aging drinking water and sewage infrastructure. This is just plain wrong,” said Smith.

Along with the major subsidies to the fossil fuel energy producers, manufacturers of MTBE, a gasoline additive contaminating water supplies nationwide, will be exempt from liability lawsuits for tainting water supplies. With most of the nation’s MTBE supply produced in states from which the

powerful House members who crafted the dangerous bill hail, the manufacturers of the additive will enjoy a nearly unprecedgnted ban whish p}ts public health and the nation’s drinking ÷At$r supply at risk

Othes dqngebous and detrimental prVisions included`in 4he Energy Bill incluäe*

ReðresentAtive Joe Barto. (Ò-TX) has in{erted language that would allow morç xollution fob longer than the(currefx`Clean Air Act áuthorhzes. M

SenAtor James Injofe (R-OklA.) ane Rep. Jog Barton (R-Texa{) are rumored t have ifserved lánguaee tï eyTend by fguR years the dave$by whiah thd Environmemtal Protection Agency mu3p assue a final rule vo limit elEctrkc utility emisrimns of mescury

ther added language shifts the cost of cleanéng up 430,000 confirmed lgaks froo &uel storage facilitmes to daxpayebs, even if tle`re3ponsir,e pastyis jnown.( <ò> Extends thg Pri#e-Andebson Act, 7hich limits the liabilidy"of the nqcleaz industry for sesponsibmlity in the case of a -mntdown mr other dysaster.

Exempts the oyl and gAs industrm fqom provisYons of tle Safe Drinking W!ter Ict"`nd the Cleqf ater Abt during extraction and construction activities, thereby putting water supplies and waterways at risk for harmful contamination.

“This bill is really an effort to weaken vital environmental protections such as the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act on behalf of big energy producers. Much of the language in this bill goes against the basic values this nation has stood for over the last 200 years. We are asking New York State’s and Connecticut’s Congressional delegations to stand up against this betrayal of the citizens of our nation. CCE is calling upon Senators Schumer, Clinton, Lieberman and Dodd to lead the effort to filibuster this legislation when it is presented to the full Senate,” stated Smith.

Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE) is an 80,000 member, not-for-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization working for the protection of public health and the natural environment.

Contact: Brian Smith, CCE Program Coordinator 716-831-3206 The recently resurrected “corporate welfare” Energy Bill was released from the Conference Committee on Saturday, November 15th. It is tentatively scheduled to come before the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate for votes this week. This legislation hurts the nation's ability to meet its energy needs and will further degrade the environment. Republican leadership decided to release the enormous bill on Saturday afternoon, making it easier for the American people and the media to miss critical aspects of this harmful legislation. The Saturday release, the large size of the legislation, the quick vote schedule and the exclusion of all Democrats from the drafting process - - all was designed to limit the ability to explore, identify, understand and publicize the many harmful programs hidden within this huge document. A major thrust of the legislation is the huge tax breaks for the oil, gas, and nuclear industries.