Senate Majority Leader Bruno had previously reaffirmed his promise to the people of New York to pass S. 5702, the legislation that will refinance our bankrupt Superfund, while protecting children and drinking water. Citizens' Environmental Coalition, NYPIRG, and many other groups have applauded Sen. Bruno's courageous stance.

Now local companies are working behind closed doors to thwart this legislation! The Buffalo Niagara Partnership, a consortium of industries and developers, is attempting to stamp out much-needed environmental reform by derailing agreed-upon Superfund/Brownfields toxic waste cleanup legislation.

This is a blatant attempt to deprive Western New Yorkers of their right to remediation of toxic health threats. Please call your representatives now and urge them to: "Tell Sen. Bruno it's time to PASS the long overdue Superfund/Brownfields bill!"

Then call Sen. Bruno at 518-455-3191 and thank him for his commitment to make good on his promise when the Senate reconvenes on September 16th.

WNY State Senate Local Contact Numbers

Byron Brown (716) 854-8705 George Maziarz (716) 438-0655 Patricia McGee (716 372-4901 Mary Lou Rath (716) 633-0331 Joseph Robach (585) 225-3650 William Stachowski (716) 826-3344 Dale Volker (716) 656-8544

New York State has never been closer to getting Superfund legislation. Don't let Big Business hijack our Legislature - call your State leaders today! The New York State Superfund, NY's toxic waste cleanup program, has been bankrupt since March 31, 2001. Superfund's existence is essential for the long-term health of both our natural resources and our people, who have been victimized by corporate polluters for many years.