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 As luck would have it, traces of winter have appeared on the day of the big climate rally in DC and in other places. Can't win 'em all, as now a lot of right wing nuts will spout on about how there is no such thing as Global Warming.... If only we could turn ignorance into money, it would be a better deal than turning lead into gold, as the supply of lead seems limited....

Anyway, in case you're following a great indicator of whether Global Warming is happening (
Great Lakes ice cover), here's the gory details.. At this time of year, Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair should be completely iced over, as should the northeast part of Lake Ontario, a lot of northern Lake Huron/Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. The screenshot map was obtained from

Nothing to see here, now move along and above all, please cease worrying about that which you have been denied the ability to do much about it.....

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