Alt attended a Bison Scholarship fundraiser a few years ago that, not surprisingly, resembled a Republican Party rally. A black kid was ushered in to sing the national anthem. The theme was separating the wheat from the chaff, a straight forward attack on public education. Each speaker emphasized the need to rescue the worthy kids from these awful public schools - Social Darwinism applied to education. Not a word of support was given to the mission of public schools.

Fast forward to the present: the Buffalo Public Schools are being pushed into bankruptcy as the district must fund new charter schools which have been sprouting up like weeds. The full weight of the Buffalo Club political machine has kicked into high gear behind Chris Jacobs. They've blanketed the City with campaign literature and appear to be behind a "push poll" being conducted by Conquest Communications. a major league Republican political consulting outfit.

The campaign lit from Chris Jacobs is somewhat disturbing for two reasons. The candidate poses with school children in three of the mailers. In two of the pictures he is with children who are exclusively white. In another he is with children who are exclusively black. While we wouldn't accuse Chris Jacobs of racism on this account, it appears obvious that his campaign has opted to exploit segregationist sentiments in hopes of gaining control of the school board. What are we to learn from this?

Chris Jacobs campaign lit appears on the same card stock that was used to support the reduction of the Common Council. That sales pitch promised more teachers firemen and police as a result of the savings accruing from removal of three black common council members. Now it appears that the money was merely transferred into the salaries of the mostly white, unelected Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority.

The second, and perhaps more disturbing thing about these campaign photos is how uncomfortable and detached Chris Jacobs appears to be amongst the children. None of the photos depict the sort of affection one sees between a popular teacher and his or her students. Maybe that's because Chris Jacobs didn't come up the ranks as a teacher. He was born into the elite. While he was trained as an attorney, its interesting to note that the University of Buffalo's School of Management is named after the Jacobs family. It appears obvious that the school board aspirations of Chris Jacobs arise not out of some altruistic urge for community service but out of the same motivations of the MBA culture that produced the Savings and Loan scandals in the eighties, the market manipulations of Enron, and finally the presidency of George W. Bush.

Millions of dollars go into public education. Isn't it time to seperate the wheat from the chaff? The success of Mr. Jacobs represents the next chapter in the MBA revolution. And for future reference when referring to Chris Jacobs, it's always Chris Jacobs, never Mr. Jacobs or Chris or Christopher. After wading through some of the vast inventory of Chris Jacobs P.R. this has become quite clear. It's Chris Jacobs, the average, ordinary guy from Buffalo. The Buffalo News will continue to remind its readers of this fact at every available opportunity, to be sure. by John McMahon

School Board candidate shoo-in Chris Jacobs has a lot more than money and good looks. Chris Jacobs is the annointed one. He is the boy wonder who will end public education in Buffalo as we know it. The Jacobs family, of course, owns Delaware North, which according to Fortune magazine, is one of the largest privately held corporations in the world.

The family fortune was built on the proceeds of gambling enterprises, a monopoly stranglehold on concessions in all of the national parks in the U.S. and the former Marine Midland bank. The Jacobs family is at the top of the Buffalo Club elite. To prove how important their hometown is to them, the Jacobs family threatened to move the corporate headquarters of Delaware North unless the Erie County Industrial Development Agency coughed up twenty million dollars in subsidies for new office space.

So obviously when this family's golden boy observes his noblesse oblige and steps up to the plate, you can expect big things - real leadership, for a change. So far Chris Jacobs hasn't let us down. He set up the Bison Scholarship Fund, which "skims" Buffalo public school students and enrolls them in private schools. Under former Bishop Henry Mansell the Catholic diocese was behind Chris Jacobs 100%.