Sue gave us a tour of the place as she explained the basic services she offered. She said, beside doggy daycare as daycare, doggy daycare is also socialization. Folks bring their dogs three to four times a week. Some folks bring them once a week or once a month. Sue says many of her customers bring their dog to daycare to become better doggy citizens.

“The dog owner may feel that their dog does not get along with other dogs. So they bring them to daycare and in a few days we can size them up and see it they need problem training. Must of the time the dogs do fine,” she said.

She showed us the indoor daycare area, which was very clean. Sue explained the number of training courses they offered: puppy kindergarten for untrained young dogs, advance kindergarten, and adolescent obedience training. Three courses are for basic family companion training. An absolute “must” advance course is the AKC good citizen, the completion of the course you get a AKC certificate The basic courses last four weeks, advance courses six weeks, and class size is limited to six dogs.

The kennel area for overnight boarding is clean and new. Sue explained that with overnight boarding, they now staff the facility 24/7. They do both short term and long term boarding. Dog Days of Buffalo has six employees who receive vacation pay and medical benefits, three of the staff are certified pet care technicians. Ms. Harris said she believes that quality care can only come from a quality staff.

As we left I commented that this was like a doggy spa. Sue laughed and said, “No in reality this is like a doggy gym.” Starting a new small business in Buffalo is hard. But starting a new business with a new concept in Buffalo is downright scary. That’s what Sue Harris did when she started Dog Days of Buffalo. Dog Days of Buffalo was the first to offer doggy daycare in the city of Buffalo. They opened for business in May of 1998 on Elmwood Avenue, offering a variety of services for dog owners.

In the fall of 2002 Dog Days of Buffalo moved to it’s present location at 632 Amherst Avenue.

We visited Dogs Days and spoke with Sue Harris the owner. We found her in the back exercise area surrounded by about thirty dogs. The exercise area was surprising large with plenty of shade. Dogs were running about and playing, some of the hounds were cooling off in a kid pool.