While Western New Yorkers have grown accustomed to vicious attacks on organized labor in the pages of The Buffalo News, the deliberate snubbing of major mainstream Democrats by Stanford Lipsey and his editorial staff is something new. What are the reasons for this hard right turn?

Perhaps it has something to do with Warren Buffett’s new hobby as campaign manager for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or maybe it has something to do with his paranoia about the effects that the recent power blackout will have on his interest in MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co.

According to MidAmerican’s website, “the vertical configuration of the electric utility industry in the United States provides unlimited opportunities for companies like MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company. This model is particularly favorable to utility companies because they control the supply and distribution of electricity to consumers.” Questions about the “unlimited opportunities” presented by deregulation are apparently not welcome with Warren & Co. at the moment.

Buffett, now the second wealthiest human being on the planet, has reinvented himself as a “moderate” Republican and it shows in the pages of The News. Although he has condemned the Republican drive to eliminate estate taxes, Buffett continues to act as an adoptive father figure to such ideological sons as The Terminator and Bill Gates. Buffett did a series of PBS interviews with Gates giving his stamp of approval to his junior monopolist and he now appears eager to grant his imprimatur to the Austrian muscleman as he attempts to piledrive the results of a democratic election in California.

Since Sen. Clinton has taken the lead in criticizing both the recall effort in California and the negative effects that power deregulation has had on both California and the northeast, it comes as no surprise that the editorial staff of The News has chosen to give less coverage to the Senator and Democratic Party candidates in the 2004 Presidential race than they gave to the appearance of Green Party candidate Ralph Nader when he appeared in Buffalo on a campaign stop sponsored by The Buffalo Alternative Press in the summer of 2000. In her speech in Buffalo Sen. Clinton noted that while the recall referendum was financed privately with a few million dollars raised by wealthy Republicans, the State of California will wind up spending $65 million to enable, “…an angry minority to reverse the results of a Democratic election.” As we take time to celebrate Labor Day this year, our thoughts, of course, turn to our armed forces in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let us not, however, forget the battles at home, especially the fight for our 42 million fellow Americans who are without health care, and, of course our struggle against media moguls like Mr. Buffett who would prefer that things stay just the way they are. As Mother Jones famously said, “Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.”

For complete coverage of Sen. Clinton’s speech and more on the Young Democrats Convention in Buffalo we encourage our readers to visit our website at www.altpressonline .com By John McMahon

In the past we’ve observed that rumors of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political demise were greatly exaggerated. So we were a bit surprised by the fact that The Buffalo News did not cover her address to the Young Democrats of America National Convention at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Buffalo on August 15th.

Warren Buffett, publisher of The Buffalo News, has been supportive of some of the same causes as Sen. Clinton, especially her commitment to women’s rights. So it was somewhat surprising to the Alt staff, to see that this major address to a national convention in Buffalo by a Senator from the State of NY and a national leader of the Democratic Party was not covered in the pages of our daily newspaper. Interestingly, even before the blackout The News didn’t bother to send reporters to a number of other press conferences by major Democratic leaders including State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who was in town to give his endorsement to Barbara Kavanaugh for City Comptroller and Erie County Executive candidate Dan Ward’s press conference calling for his opponent Joel Giambra to release Erie County budget information prior to the election, so that voters can get a true picture of Giambra’s fiscal performance, or lack thereof.