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flora nerk

           April 18, 2008, in Buffalo, NY was a glorious day, weather wise, with full sunlight in a cloudless sky and temperatures in the low seventies and what could better on such a day than sequestering oneself in the WNED studio with 3 to 400 hundred folks all primed to listen to Professor Edward L. Glaeser. So!! You ask, who the hell is Glaeser and what revelations would be revealed that would interest so many of the movers and shakers sprinkled among the intelligentsia that guide the great shitty of Buffalo.

            The event was sponsored by The University of Buffalo Regional Institute, along with The Buffalo Niagara Partnership along with The Buffalo News. Professor Glaeser usually hangs his hat in Cambridge Ma., he is a fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a deep thinking economist, if such a thing is possible. He gained the attention of the power brokers in the Buffalo region by publishing an article which appeared in an academic journal and was titled Can Buffalo Ever Come Back? Probably not—and government should stop bribing people to stay there.” The piece was written and published in September 2007 and whoever reads arcane academic journals discussing political economy in or around Buffalo must have taken umbrage over Professor Glaeser describing our beloved City as a ‘has been’ and tragically backing his premise with the facts and figures that we have all lived with as we watched and lived with the wreckage of greatness and an allegiance to a past that had become ancient history.

Taking the podium after a glowing introduction from Richard Deitz from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Buffalo Branch the good Professor told how he had received hundreds of e-mails from irate lovers of Buffalo after his article was brought to their attention by our local daily. He stated that he had some reluctance in coming to the Queen City of the Lakes to defend his writing and that his wife showed some concern for his safety from rabid Buffalo’s. The next thing he did was offer an apology for telling the truth about the failed state of the city and that he didn’t really mean to hurt anyone’s feelings by writing the things he did. As a matter of course he then reiterated the same facts and figures in his original article and lo and behold they jibbed correctly with what has been shouted and whispered for the past 50 years by any and everyone exhibiting common sense.

            OK Buffalo it is time to wake up and declare that Grover Cleveland is dead and Millard Fillmore will be resurrected when Julius Caesar rides his white horse around McKinley Square, never. What surprised me was that this event had a large turnout of citizenry and offered just more of the same old, same old bullshit that satisfies the requirements for solid membership in the Buffalo Niagara Partnership. Speaking of bullshit Margaret Sullivan from the Buffalo News added another element of vacuity as she smiled and blathered on as all good editors of our daily journal do.

            Well I spent my $30.00 to get into the event, lost two hours out of a beautiful day and the only thing I learned was that ol’ beady eyes Andy Rudnick has a lot of very attractive women in his partnership. I wish one of them would take up a collection for him so he can buy a new bow tie. Good golly every time I see him he has that ratty ol yellow thing clipped under his chin.