By Joe Schmidbauer
 The recent flap over the Canal District’s sewage overflow problem highlights what has been a chronic problem for this community, the Buffalo Sewer Authority. 


In 1996, Alt published an article entitled, “The Buffalo Sewer Authority (BSA) and the Smell of a Dying City.” This was followed by a series of articles over the past eight years about incompetence and corruption in the BSA.  These problems continue under the new Brown administration.

We have an unconfirmed report that last week there was another major environmental incident.  The whistle blower stated that the eight main digesters that contained the bacterium used to digest organic material have all broken down and have overflowed and flooded the island with millions of gallons of raw sewage.  The clean up has taken over a week.  The unnamed sources stated that sewer authority has been quietly discharging untreated sewage all summer.

Folks on the river front have been smelling sewage all summer.

More on this later