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-Tripled capital borrowing to the point at which the county comptroller warned against the practice. Erie County is now more than $500 million in debt.
-Spent more than $167 million of securitized tobacco money in three years. This money was supposed to last a decade. Only $44 million is left of the original $211.7 million.
- Has failed to invest tobacco money in developing blighted areas in the City of Buffalo, as required by county law.
-Turned Erie Community College into a patronage mill and almost lost that college’s accreditation.
-Turned the department of public works into a patronage mill, forcing investigations by the sheriff, FBI and district attorney.
-Spent $700,000 in Lancaster Town and Village police department merger to save Lancaster $300,000. Lancaster residents and officials are now calling these savings into question.
-Joel Giambra has done everything that he can to make his administration an opaque, imperial-minded organization bent on breaking the will of labor, minorities, and economically underprivileged citizens of Buffalo. At the same time, he has used the county government to reward friends and punish adversaries. Haven’t we had enough? Invested one million per year with the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise (BNE) to promote public-private efforts at job growth. Despite these efforts, 9,000 thousand jobs were lost. The BNE board of directors includes campaign donors and several members of Giambra’s kitchen cabinet.