Bill Brown is an award-winning filmmaker who has been described by Brian Frye in Cashiers
du Cinémart as "a punk-rock version of Ross McElwee." His films have screened on the Sundance Channel and at nearly every festival on the planet. He has received both Rockefeller and Creative Capital grants, and in November 2003 the Museum of Modern Art presented a retrospective of his work. He's
also the creator and author of the 'zine Dream Whip.

Roger Beebe is a professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of Florida. Film Threat calls him "an artist with a strong visual and musical sensibility" and the Wilmington Encore raves that "Beebe's work is goofy, startling, and important." He has screened his films around the globe at such venues as McMurdo Station in Antarctica and the CBS Jumbotron in Times Square and at numerous festivals including NY Underground and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Aug. 1, Minneapolis, MN
Aug. 2, Madison, WI
Aug. 3, Milwaukee, WI
Aug. 4, Chicago, IL
Aug. 6, Cleveland, OH
Aug. 8, Windsor, ON
Aug. 9, Buffalo, NY
Aug. 10, Pittsburgh, PA
Aug. 11, Columbus, OH
Aug. 12, Bloomington, IN
Aug. 13, Chicago, IL post-capitalist love songs

WHERE: SQUEAKY WHEEL (175 Elmwood Ave. [between Allen & North St.], (716) 884-7172)
WHEN: MONDAY, AUG. 9, 8 p.m.
HOW MUCH: $5, $4 for Squeaky Wheel members
MORE INFO: (352) 271-4265 or

Bill Brown and Roger Beebe are touring the Midwest for two weeks in August showing a 90-minute program of their films, which deal with strip malls, roadside historical markers, junk car lots, and other fixtures of the contemporary landscape. Rather than approaching these (post-)industrial forms with simple disdain or irony, Brown and Beebe attempt to find some continued pathos, beauty, or at least hope in the decaying structures of that previous moment of capital.